Friday, December 2, 2011

Birth Story Part II

Part II

So at about 2am I started timing my contractions. They were roughly 4 minutes apart. I finally woke Brad up and he was trying to get me to the hospital, but I told him I had to shave my legs. So I got in the bath and then took a shower. --By the way, I don't understand how women want to take a bath to soothe them during labor...personally, I found no relief in the tub.--

I called my mom so she could leave from Birmingham and we headed to the hospital. I was in extreme pain and my contractions were 2 min apart. When we checked in and got all settled it was 5:30am. I was only 2 and a half cm!! I could not believe it. They said they could not give me my epidural until my doctor got there. My doctor got to my room at about 8:15am. I was 4 and a half cm and she broke my water. She was so excited that I was progressing on my own and said that my contractions were too crazy to give me anything to progress labor anyways. The anesthesiologist was in surgery and did not get to me until after 9 to give me my epidural. I was in so much pain. I kept telling Brad that he better love this child because it will be his only biological child (ok....prob not true). Thank God my doctor did not come to check me before the anesthesiologist got there because I was already 8 and a half cm--usually they won't give you an epi if you are 8cm.

My doctor rushed in after my epi because my blood pressure got super low and Wyatt's heart rate went up. That was the scariest 30 min of my life. Brad and my mom were not in the room with me. I kept asking if he was okay and no one would answer me. It was very frightening.

After she adjusted his position, everything was good and I started pushing. 45 min later, my sweet boy was born. He was 7 lb, 7oz, 20 in long. Total perfection and worth all the pain. He really was.

I could not stop thanking God that his birth experience went better than I planned it. It was everything I prayed for. I just knew that I was going to have a c-section since I didn't want pitocin. No one thought I could do it without it since it is just the norm now. My doctor was thrilled for me and so were we!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Birth Story Part I

Wyatt's Birth Story

Let me start by giving you all a little background information. I was strongly opposed to being induced. Like, crazy opposed. Nothing against anyone who does it-- I get it-- I was so ready to have Wyatt...being induced was extremely tempting. For me, it was a decision that I did not make lightly. There is research showing links between Autism and Pitocin (the drug used to speed up labor). While none of this is proven yet, I did not want to take any chances. My sweet brother has a form of autism called Aspergers. No one knows where Autism comes from. All we know is that it is now affecting 1 in 70 boys in the US. If it is genetic, I have the gene so I wanted to do everything in my power to take any precautions that I could. I know that ultimately God only knows if my sweet boy will have Autism. And guess what? If he does, I will love him and take care of him and make his life the best possible life that I can. But if I can do anything to protect him, that is what I am going to do.

So now you know the back story.

Monday, November 14th, Brad and I went to the doctor for my 39 week appointment. I was only 1 and 1/2 cm dilated. My doctor made me 2 cm. That was painful (or at least I thought that was painful--didn't know what pain really was at that point).

She had talked to us the week before about having a scheduled c-section. She does not let women have c-sections unless they are medically necessary, but she knew how anxious I was about the whole situation and how I was absolutely refusing pitocin. Basically I was told that unless I went into labor FAST, then I would have to have pitocin for mine and Wyatt's safety. She said a c-section was the only way to 100% guarantee I would not have it.

After talking for a long time, we decided that I would check in on Tuesday, November 15th at 5:30 pm and they would give me cervadil overnight. This is suppose to soften the cervix and make me dilate more. The next morning she would break my water and we would hope for the best. If I did not progress then we would do a c-section. This was my best chance at having him the way I wanted to so we agreed. (I was 39 and a half weeks at this point and I was told if I went to 4o or 41 weeks, there is no way that I would be able to have him vaginally since I am a first time mom and he would be pretty big).

That night Brad and I went to my favorite restaurant, Amerigo, for our last night alone. I was having contractions, but just assumed they were my normal braxton hicks or they were just hurting a little more since she had stretched me to 2 cm that afternoon. We got home, made sure everything was all packed up and went to sleep.

I woke up at 2 am with some fierce contractions and started to time them.

Friday, November 25, 2011

He is here!

Happy Thanksgiving from...
Wyatt Harrison Godfrey
November 15, 2011
7 lb 7 oz
20 inches

We are enjoying our little love...birth story and more pictures to come!

Friday, November 11, 2011



A to Z!

This is from Keeping Up with Kennedy…cute idea!

A. Age – 24

B. Bed size – King…could never go back to anything smaller.

C. Chore that you hatedusting.  always will hate this

D. Dogs – Kingsley our King Charles Spaniel.  We love him.

E. Essential start to your day – Mascara and coffee

F. Favorite color – orange

G. Gold or silver –always been a gold girl even before it was cool..but I do love gold and silver mixed

H. Height – 5’6

I. Instruments you play – never have… I grew up singing?

J. Job title – Sales Support…catchy.

K. Kids – Wyatt Harrison…maybe I will meet him this weekend!!! And our first born, Kingsley, of course.

L. Live – Madison, MS…but from Hoover, AL

M. Mother’s name – Bethany

N. Nicknames – boozer, kt, katy, booz, ferg

O. Overnight hospital stays – Not since I was a baby that I remember

P. Pet peeves – hmm…I get annoyed a lot.  Falling in the toilet due to the toilet seat being up is definitely one of them.  “Know-it-all” people.

Q. Quote from a movie – “what is this?  a center for ants!? how are we suppose to teach the children to read good if they can’t even fit inside of the building?” “Orange Mocha Frappuccino!!” – all movie quotes that come out of my mouth are from Zoolander.

R. Right or left handed – Right.

S. Siblings – two.  Sister, Kristin- 27, brother, Jared- 15…whoa they are old.

T. Time it takes you to get ready – little less than an hour.  but I like to take my time and drink coffee and be sleepy

U. Underwear – loving the granny panties…thanks, pregnancy. I might stick with them—sorry Brad!

Vegetable you hate – tomatoes and squash

W. What makes you run late –feeling/looking fat

X. X-rays you’ve had – hmm…besides dental, probably none.

Y. Yummy food you make – I make some pretty good Chili, I must say.

Z. Zoo animal – uh…lions bcz I love cats. I like trying to find hippos in the water too.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Really Glee?

Anyone else super unimpressed in Glee last night?  I’ve been looking forward to this for far too long.

I mean, yes, great episode.  Always great.  But Finn and Rachel…they were suppose to “do it”.

I was picturing Reese and Ryan Cruel Intentions style.  Sweet, sexy, just enough innocence.

No.  Finn and Rachel cuddled and Kurt and Blaine rubbed noses

What a disappointment.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shannon from The Scribble Pad

Shannon offered to write a post while I am enjoying our new addition. She is fabulous and I love her blog. Go check out the Scribble Pad and you will die when you see her precious boy and all his cute little outfits :)

Hi, Shannon from The Scribble Pad where I write about life, parenthood, dreams of owning a house one day, the adventure of a farm share and my love for party planning. Did you catch all that? My blog makes me out to be a Jane of all trades, just like Kaitlin. But then again, I guess that is why we are so encouraged by each other’s writing.

So by now you are probably wondering why I am even talking to you. Well, I had a little one about 10 months ago. Yup, that’s a picture of me, about this time last year, fully pregnant. That means I am a certified professional when it comes to understand the importance of snuggling and loving on a new babe, catching up on rest, and of course watching re-runs of your favorite show. I am placing bets on how many episodes of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Kaitlin sneaks in while breastfeeding…any takers?
Back to the business of this blog post. While Brad and Kaitlin are enjoying their newest addition, I wanted to share with you some of the firsts they will undoubtedly be experiencing and possible reactions.
First sight: there are not emotions that fully capture this moment.
First eye contact: in some ways, even more overwhelming than first sight
Daddy’s first diaper change: may result in strange noises coming from your husband as he copes with the “foul odor” (only to realize later that those diapers aren’t very stinky by comparison)
First spit up: the only time it will truly make you gag and panic simultaneously, you get used to it very quickly.
First coo: your heart will melt, and then begin to woo your baby to do it again and again.
First major leak for mom: fingers-crossed you aren’t in public. But if you are, sister, we have all been there. Hold your baby over the leaky side. If both sides are leaking, laugh.
First major leak for baby: this is going to be gross (and might also make you gag). There is no pretty part of cleaning up baby poo that has reached the shoulder blades or dribbled down legs. But these moments make great stories.
First doctor’s appointment: you mind may go blank by the overwhelming responsibly of caring for this child. Don’t forget to write down the stats, height, weight, and percentiles. All of the other mom’s in your life will be asking about these numbers.
First beer or glass of wine: enjoy it until the last sip, that is unless you fall asleep before you get around to finishing it.

Brad and Kaitlin, enjoy the many firsts, the moments keep getting better and better!

Love, The Screibers

Friday, November 4, 2011

Bun still in oven.

I had my pre-natal massage last night.  Heaven.  Absolute heaven.

I was so convinced that it might put me into labor that I cleaned up my desk a little before I left work.

It didn’t.

I probably won’t clean my desk today.  I think this little man wants to stick around for a while…


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Getting closer…hopefully!

Oh, hey.  I’m 37 weeks and 3 days. 

The bug is 6 lb 5 oz…he is in the 30th percentile.  This really shocked me.  I thought I would have an extremely large child.  Like my mom.  She had ridiculously huge babies.  I was the smallest –2 weeks early on the higher side of 7 lbs.  My sister was almost 9 lbs. My little bro was 2 weeks early and about an ounce away from TEN LBS.  So yea, I cried a little when they told me my little boy is a little boy.  My doctor laughed—apparently most women are glad to hear their babies are small- for laboring purposes, I guess?  I think I would cry either way.  Huge ball of emotion here.

I also cried a little lot when she told me I am ONE cm dilated.  SERIOUSLY.

I was hoping praying  for more.  Especially since I don’t want to be induced.  I fear I am going to go past my due date.   I am glad my hubs respects my wishes because I am so close to caving and begging to be induced (which my doctor will GLADLY do), but he knows that I really really do not want that at all.  Thanks, hun…I think.

Here I am, in all my glory…me, baby & 30 extra pounds.  I haven’t gained in 4 weeks—Brad and I found this hilarious considering the amount of food I put into my body.  No clue how I haven’t gained.  It is just weird.


Side note: I really want this McCarty Owl.  I’ve collected owls for about 6 years now.  Saw this at a store this weekend…its only $250.  HA. HA.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seriously, Thursday


1. Seriously, 37 weeks on Saturday.  Is this a joke?  Someone is going to let Brad and I leave the hospital with a baby.  By ourselves.  That just seems kind of out of control to me.

2. Seriously, The car seat bases are installed.  Yes, I went to the fire station.  Yes, Brad thought that was ridiculous.  I do not care.  Do you know how many people do not install them correctly!?   Life or death people.  I’m a crazy mom already…whatev.

3. Seriously, Mary is married and on her honeymoon & Swayze will be married in two days. This makes me so happy!  Selfishly, it is exciting to not be the only married one of our group anymore---except now I will be the only one with a kid…o well…gotta stay ahead of  the game.

4. Seriously, I hate honkers.  Like, I get mad while driving, but why must you honk?  I get there are certain situations for honking (I’ve done it—like when someone is straight up about to hit me) but just going slow or stopping too long –there’s no need…It scares the crap out of everyone…aka me.  That’s what your hands are for—throw them up—it gets your point across just the same!

5. Seriously, there is no food in our house.  No exaggeration.  My poor husband is the grocery shopper now.  I just want to lay down after work.  Sorry, I love you, maybe it will change one of these days.

6.  Seriously,  I have been walking like crazy this week.  I would love this little man to just come on…

7. Seriously, I read the BEST book.  The Last Sin Eater by Francine Rivers. Amazeballs.  (Probably not the right book to call Amazeballs).  She is also the author of Redeeming Love and if you are a woman, you’ve probably read it---only one of the best books of all time.

8. Seriously, Today is my Friday!  Yay for wedding weekends!  And HALLOWEEN IS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY EVER  (I have a Halloween Village in my house…NOT a Christmas village like normal people)….so exciting!! We will be at a wedding Saturday night, but I pray I get some trick or treaters on Monday! I don’t understand why kids don’t go on the 31st anymore!?  What is the big deal…stay up until 9:30 or 10pm one time!


Linking with Becky @ From Mrs. to Mama.  Love her for reals.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

I wish I could upload the good quality pictures I took this weekend, but instead, I will give you a little cell phone recap.  Mary and Dave’s wedding was beautiful—just absolutely perfect

{Thank you, Ellen, I stole a few of your pictures.  Love you!}

Mary’s bachelorette party was Thursday night.  The bridesmaids stayed at my house.  We went to Babalu and then on a scavenger hunt to all of the places leading up to this day for Mary! 


The wedding AND reception were so true to who Mary and Dave are.  It was just incredible.  She was STUNNING!

couple  weddingbest

Yesterday, the hubs and I watched Hocus Pocus and carved our pumpkin!!  Well, he carved the pumpkin…It’s Goofy!! Can you tell??

2011-10-23_13_02_42 2011-10-23_14_31_24

Have a good week… Heading to the Doctor…36 weeks :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This love.

I just won’t address my absence to the blog.  I’m tired, people, and my computer does not work.  Hence, no photos unless they are from my phone.

I will, however, tell you about something that happened two weeks ago.  It really made me realize even more that I need to be so grateful for this wonderful pregnancy I have had.  Yes, I am really uncomfortable and so very ready for this little man to come, but I want him to grow and stay nice and healthy in my belly.  That is where he is the safest.

This little guy moves all.the.time.  I mean he is a MOVER.  I love it.  One night I noticed he had not moved all day long.  This wasn’t right for him, but I just said he was sleeping, he was fine.  The next morning he still hadn’t moved.  I was kind of concerned, but Brad and I decided I should just get a coffee on the way to work and see if that woke him up a little.  His prime time movement is mid-morning.  Mid-morning came and went and I think I felt him maybe once.  [My doctor says to do “kick counts” which is five kicks per an hour (during an active hour).  I’ve never done them because he moves so much.  I was doing them that morning…and he was no where near five]. I told the hubs and he insisted I call the doctor. 

You know when you call the OB, they take a message and your nurse calls you back about 5 hours later.  Oh no.  Not this day.  The operator said hold on and my nurse got on the phone immediately.  She asked me where I was and told me to get to the office as soon as I possibly could.  I literally hung up the phone and walked out of work, calling my husband on the way.  I think I stopped breathing at that moment and didn’t start again until after the sonogram tech said he was okay.  I did not realize just how scared I was until she smiled at me and said he is fine…he must have just been resting. I lost it.  Right then and there.  First real mom moment I think.  I have never been so scared in my life.  This boy is everything to me and if something happened to him, I just don’t know what I would do with myself.

It really is true that you just cannot fathom the love you will have for your child.  If my heart is already swelling now and I have not even met him, I cannot imagine what this love will be like.  And honestly, I couldn’t be more frightened or excited at the same time.


Are you kidding me?  When I went to get his coming home from the hospital gown monogrammed, I saw these that match the gown…um, yes please, I’ll take them.   So teeny tiny and precious.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Inside the cabinets…

So one of my best friends is having her wedding showers  this weekend.  So of course when I went to get her gifts, I looked through everything in the store.   It made me realize how much I LOVE my own pottery and everyday plates.  She is actually registered for the same pottery I have.  

Isn’t it beautiful?


picture via  (I googled images and it actually came up from a friend’s blog.  Check her out!)

I use the salad/lunch plate and serving pieces, salt & pepper shakers, etc of this.  It is called Good Earth Pottery.  The pattern is Bluebird and  the best part? It is made in Mississippi.  That is one great thing about Mississippi…we know how to make some gorgeous pottery.

My “everyday” dishes are Casafina Impressions in Mocha.  So I have my plates, bowls, mugs in this and if I were to set my table all pretty the blue bird lunch plate would sit on top of my Casafina plate….but who does that in real life??  Okay, some people do…


See?  Pretty….


What are your dishes?  I loooove dishes…#confession.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Technical Difficulties

My laptop is not working which means I can not upload my photos which means I have not blogged.

Let’s face it, most people aren’t interested in photo-less blog post.  And I really want to share something yummy that I cooked.  So I will do that as soon as the computer is back up and running.  Someone is going to look at it at work (I work for an IT company…I figure someone can at least tell me what’s wrong with it).  By the way, it is just a white screen…that is all.

So update: 32 WEEKS

- My little man is 4 lb 5 oz…44th percentile :)

- He has HAIR….how sweet.

- I lost a pound…YAY.  Total gain: 24 lbs.  ( I am suppose to gain 25-35 and I have 7.5 weeks left…I’m good) How  I did this---I am guessing not eating frozen pizza for lunch everyday and ice cream every night.  That will do it.  I’ve cooked more and eaten leftovers for lunch.  Definitely have not eaten any less.

-He is still head down.  Good boy!

- I’m not sleeping much at all.  It is super uncomfortable and this whole week it has stormed all night; therefore Kingsley has barked all.night.long.every.night. no exaggeration.  I think he is trying to prepare me for motherhood.  It’s working.

What the weeks ahead look like:

- this weekend:  my Mary’s couples shower & bridal shower

-Oct 8-9: My showers in Eastaboga (family) and Birmingham

-Oct 15-16:  I sold my football ticket so I can RELAX

-Oct 22: Mary’s wedding (bridesmaid)

-Oct 29: Swayze’s wedding (bridesmaid)

Then I am happy for this baby to make his entrance…I will be 37 weeks at Swayze’s wedding.  We are so excited and I think we are just ready for him at this point!  It is so crazy to wait so long for something and now it is so close.  It is a relief to know that he is 4 and a half pounds and that a lot of babies are born weighing a lot less than that and make it just fine.  This makes me feel safe and blessed.

Here’s Brad at our last childbirth class last night.  He’s in the middle racing to undress a baby, change diaper, dress him back, swaddle, and feed him.  His team did not win but he was the best in his group!! He has also never fed or changed a real newborn…Oh Lord.


Monday, September 19, 2011


I feel like the countdown has truly begun.  I’m 31 weeks now…meaning less than 9 weeks left!  This weekend I washed baby clothes and blankets just in case anything happens earlier than we expect.  I just need to wash the sheets, changing table cover, and if he gets anymore outfits at the shower in October.

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG


Brad’s sweet great Aunt threw us a luncheon shower on Saturday.  We got some great stuff.  Finally some BOTTLES, more diapers and wipes, clothes, pacis, blankets, and the tray to go on the bumbo.  He has a few pairs of socks now so that’s exciting,  ha!  We still need some things, but if he came today, we would be just fine.  Mama does need to buy him a swaddle blanket though.  Speaking of Mama…


That’s right, there is the dress I wear all the time.  So comfy…can’t help it!  I can’t imagine getting any bigger, but Lord knows I will.  I am really trying to eat better.  I haven’t been eating so well and my doctor only wants me to gain 10 more lbs—which seems like a TON to me---but at the pace I am gaining let’s just pray he comes a week or two early (only if he is healthy)!

I’m most definitely in the uncomfortable stage.  I barely slept AT ALL on Friday night.  I wake up multiple times a night and it feels like it takes an act of God to switch positions in the bed.  I don’t think I ever just feel good anymore.  Back aches, ribs ache, hurts to bend over to pick up anything.  As of today, I am only wearing my engagement ring because my wedding ring is smaller and sooo tight.  It will all be worth it though.            

Can’t wait to see that sweet face.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I’m alive.

Hey blog world!  I am alive and very pregnant.  I just really haven’t had the energy at all to post. 

We hosted a couples shower for my lovely friends, Swayze and Will, at our home this past Saturday night.  I’ll post some pictures at some point even though they are mostly on my phone and not very good.  My camera is acting funny…oh wait, it is probably just that I don’t know how to use itHELP PLEASE (nikonD3000)!Leading up to the shower I cleaned a lot.  I feel like I could clean my house everyday for the rest of my life and it wouldn’t feel clean.  Does anyone else have this problem?  I don’t know what it is…maybe because it is an older house and I feel like carpet looks dirty always (no offense to anyone… I obviously have lots of carpet). 

I cannot believe I am already 30 weeks pregnant.  And at the same time I cannot believe I am only 30 weeks pregnant.  I am so ready to see our sweet baby boy and not be pregnant.   Just being honest.  I’ve had a great pregnancy—don’t get me wrong—but I’m getting bigger and bigger which is super uncomfortable.  And sleep, well, sleep is not easy….neither is bending over to attempt to shave my legs. If you know me at all, you also know that I am stressed and anxious beyond imagine.  It is who I am---can’t help it…I don’t know what relax means (says hubs).

Here is a picture of me & B in our Maroon Friday gear two fridays ago.  It was the first game of the season and we kicked Memphis’ butt.  If only I could say the same about Auburn this weekend.  I cannot talk about it except to say I have always been an Auburn fan (being from Alabama) but they got lucky big time….and a lot little help from the refs.  UGH.


I’d say I’m slightly bigger (3 lbs) than that pic.  I feel like I’m extremely bigger though.

Pretty pumped I get to go to my first game this season on Thursday….driving to Starkville for the night to play LSU.  It may not end well, but we sure will have a good time and see lots of friends!  …and be stupid tired driving back at midnight.  We do what we must for our DAWGS.

Tonight is our second childbirth class. Last week, I left with my chin on the floor after watching an extremely granola-crunchy-hippie childbirth.  Let’s just say I am still very much on board with accepting all the drugs they want to give me.  Which reminds me…please go watch the SNL natural childbirth skit



Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Year

On 8/28/2010 my life changed forever.  I married this man.


Isn’t he cute?  He’s also the most loving, supportive, caring man I know (well, obviously besides my Dad).  He is an amazing husband and will be such a great father.  He already is a great father.  He talks to little “Wy-man” (as he calls him) and it is so adorable.  He wanted a child from the first moment we were married.  You can’t say that about most men.  He was made to be a dad.

I don’t know how he puts up with me, but somehow he manages.  

A year ago he made me the happiest girl in the world and I cannot believe that we are about to embark on this journey called parenthood.


I love you, Bradley Kirk. 

Cheers to 50 more years.  (um…we will cheers as soon as I can have some champagne, for real.)

Thanks for my yummy cupcake this weekend and surprising me by taking me to Amerigo. It was reaaaaalll yum. :)


It was a champagne cupcake.   Guess that’s as close as I’m getting…

Thursday, August 25, 2011

high times with Jerry…err…Kaidy?

So as most of you know, I am in two weddings just a short few weeks before this sweet boy is coming.  It is okay, we talk about it on the way to work in the mornings and I’ve made it clear he cannot come until after the weddings.  I think he agrees.

Well I have been searching and searching for a dress that looks like Swayze’s bridesmaids dress in a maternity size and I finally found one. When I went to order it, the website wanted me to put in my dress size…umm like hello, it is a maternity dress and there are no maternity sizes…what?  So I call the 24/7 customer service hotline and get a lady who speaks very bad broken English.  She tells me to just give my bust size in the comment section and make a note that I will be 8.5 months pregnant.  Not reassuring to say the least.

So today I actually find a dress that Swayze and I both like better.  It looks a lot more like her bridesmaid’s dress and it is even slightly cheaper (score!).  It also has thick straps so I can wear a bra which is super-quadruple-whammy-score!   The website looks oddly familiar though…All of the icons and color swatches are the same as the website from the other dress.  I click “chat now” to ask about how to order a size in this dress.

Jerry comes to the chat.  I talk to “Jerry” for a long time.  He tells me to measure all of the different things and then to put in the notes column all of my measurements, how far along I will be and any other instructions. Then at the end of the conversation, he says “this is Kaidy by the way”.  Oh hey Kaidy, I thought I was talking to Jerry.  Am I even talking to Kaidy?? Probably not.  I can tell by her saying things like “I can understand you” instead of “yes” or “ok”.

Anyways, I love “Kaidy”.  I end up talking to her about 5 different times today.  She even tells me how beautiful I will be at said wedding (weird?  nah…).  At lunch my mother in law measures me…belly, bust, under bust, height, shoulders, you name it.  I wrote a very detailed message in the comment box at check out about how I want this dress to fit.  Even telling them I don’t want cleavage. 

Then I clicked my chat box and told “Kaidy” that I bought it.  She said they will get the instructions and make it according to what I told them. It will be great.

Then I waited for my confirmation email.

Then I clicked the box and told “Kaidy” I am waiting for my confirmation email.

Then credit card services called me and asked if I would authorize $90 to dfjdlkfjdfjdfj in China.

Then I told “Kaidy”.  She tried to assure me all is well, to stay calm and they will make the dress.  She personally sends me my confirmation email (a very sketchy confirmation email at that).

Now I have to wait 17 days wondering if a) I am even going to get a dress, b) if my credit card information was stolen by someone in China, c) if the dress does come, will it even come close to fitting?

Happy waiting.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Heavy issue

I tried to make the title a little clever.  I’m talking about weight gain and pregnancy. 

I don’t care who you are and what you tell me…it sucks and you know it.  Up until this week, I was the person who was like “it doesn’t matter…you are gaining it for your baby…blah blah blah” and believe me, I still  know that.  That fact doesn’t make hearing you’ve gained 18 pounds any easier.

I’ve always struggled with my weight.  I know I have never been obese or fat, but I have to work out and eat well to look good.  Right before I got pregnant, I had lost about 7 lbs and was feeling really good about myself.  I was working out and doing weight watchers—just getting healthy after the college and newlywed weight had accumulated.  I know I am a curvy girl and will always be the same size that I am, but I just like to feel good in my clothes.

Then I got pregnant.  I really have been okay with gaining the weight.  I love looking at my growing belly.  I want this sweet boy to be big and healthy and happy.  It is just hard sometimes thinking about losing the weight after.  And the fact that I am in TWO weddings when I am 8 and 1/2 months pregnant.  I am just envisioning the skinny, beautiful girls standing beside enormous me. (And believe me…both weddings…skinny, beautiful girls.  every. last. one. of. them)

I think it hit me when my husband weighed himself the other morning and I peaked over to see that he is currently 10 pounds less than me.  I almost cried.  He has lost almost 10 pounds doing this insanity workout thing for the past 20 days.  And I have obviously gained.  I just want to be like…can’t you do that AFTER I have the baby!?! 

Don’t freak out reading this and think I am going to stop eating or something.  If you know me, you know that would never happen.  I eat all the time…pregnant or not pregnant.  And I am not crazy and would NEVER starve my baby of the nutrients he needs to grow.  I am just venting because it sucks to look at the scale and see a number you have never seen in your life and know that it is only going to increase 15 or so more pounds.  Gross.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nursery Update

Okay people…I have pictures (from the phone) of the nursery so far. It is not done.  We are waiting for our fabulous chair to get here and of course need to put decoration on the walls and windows.

Until then, here it is…my mama came this weekend and slaved over these stripes.  She measured it out, drew chalk lines, taped over it, then painted.  She is a saint. So talented.  Also huge thanks to my mother in law and husband who primed, painted trim & painted the base color.  That’s called TEAMWORK!


This little bookshelf nook was already built-in…so glad we have it :)  You can kind of see half of Tigger behind that monkey on the very top shelf (not the little one)…I have had that since I was 8 months old. My sister brought it back when she got to go to Disneyworld.  I’ve slept with him every night since I was 8 months until I got married.  Sad. Had to give it up.  He is still on my “what to grab if there is a fire” list.  That is a mental list, of course.



This was Brad’s old dresser that matched our crib perfectly.  The chair will be in that corner.  It is between the dresser and changing table.



Just need a little pillow for that sweet sham (that will be on the chair—not in the bed…safety hazard).  The precious blanket with the bassinet on it is from my sister and her hubby.  They got it when they still lived in Italy.  I am scared to use it…it is so special and beautiful!

So there it is so far.  I am so pleased.  It is perfect.  When the chair comes I will probably never leave this room.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

26 weeks

26 weeks…Really??

I cannot believe we are already here…from now on going to the doctor every 2 weeks. How insane is that.  It is just really, really unreal.  I may have hyperventilated a little bit during my baby shower.  No big deal.

Here’s some exciting things we learned at the doctor yesterday…

-My little man is two pounds.  This just makes me smile.

- He is head down.  WOOHOO way to go!! They said he will move a thousand times before it really matters though… thought we won that battle…

- No more placenta previa.  I’m pretty pumped about this.  I didn’t tell the blog world, but yea we found out I had it a few months ago which meant C-Section for sure.  But now its completely cleared up.  Thank you Lord.  My hubby may or may not benefit from this news also.

- I’m even more anemic than I was a few months ago even though I take iron every day.  So now I have to take THREE iron pills a day…have you ever taken this?? It is pretty much the grossest thing ever.  My sweet doctor actually said “I don’t know how you are going to get 3 of these down.  I wouldn’t have been able to”.  Thanks.

This is Wyatt and I this morning…

26 weeks

Sorry for the blur…cell phone.

I promise to post a nursery update before the end of the week.  It WILL be my next post!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

First Baby Shower

This weekend was my first baby shower. It was amazing, overwhelming, emotional....perfect. We have wonderful friends and family that support us and we appreciate it so much.

me and my mama

my mama & my mother in law...I have two great mom's to look up to

college (chi omega love...pref night is tonight...I had to say it)

the girls that gave us our awesome stroller! (maris, amye & katie weren't there...but THANK Y'ALL!)

sweet friends Lisa & Lauren

Our cousin Heather and her baby Kainsley...she will be exactly one year older than Wyatt...can't wait til they get to play together!
Is this not so creative and cute? My MIL made a bassinet out of a watermelon!
The shower was adorable and there were so many cute decorations and treats. I did not get as many pictures of all the decor as I would have liked and I definitely didn't get pictures with all of my friends that were there! The hostesses got us the changing table that goes perfectly in the nursery. Tomorrow I will post pictures of the nursery so far. It is beyond anything I imagined. My mama is so talented! I cannot stop going in there just to is officially my favorite room in the house.

I've been playing with the spacing on this for an hour...I don't understand why blogger is so terrible when it comes to spacing!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Prayer for everyday.

If you are my facebook friend, you already saw these verses, but this is what I need to read everyday. Both really apply to my life right now. I'm trying to give all the worry and anxiety away, and if you know me, you know this is near impossible.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

“Then Jesus said to his disciples: ‘Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear. Life is more than food, and the body more than clothes. Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds! Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?’”Luke 12:22-26

Calm my heart.

Monday, August 8, 2011

nursery update...and food?

This weekend was very productive! The nursery is finally painted the base color and I actually cooked a few things on Sunday.

I tried fried okra for the first time. I made it how my mother in law makes it. I love it with just a little breading on it so you can really taste the okra. It was ah-maze. The hubs was pretty impressed that I did so well for my first time. I also made my mama's chicken salad to use for lunch this week, but did not take a picture. And I really can't believe I didn't take a picture of what Brad made--home made meatballs--made with pork, lamb and beef. They were so good, holy crap. We have lots left to make subs too.

We had to take a pic of my meal on Saturday night. haha. We used our birthday gift certificate and went to one of my favorite places, Mint. I ordered the rib eye. It was 16 oz. After appetizers, I ended up eating about 3 bites and we took the rest home. But look at that thing!!

Kingsley has the bone. That is another story all in itself. It is his first real bone and he is so protective. It is literally the most hilarious thing in life. We were crying with laughter watching him take it to every corner and nook of the house trying to find the perfect place to hide it..

Nursery Update:

And ta-da the nursery is painted the base color!! It is called swiss coffee. It is a Benjamin Moore color, but I got Sherwin Williams to match it because they are nicer and a little bit less expensive (had a coupon). Brad also painted the trim, doors, and bookshelf...which is in that little nook. It is built in. Stripes to come this weekend....beyond excited!!

... And ordered the chair/glider! This is the exact fabric too...mine will be here in 4-6 weeks. It is a cream color with cream designs on it. I know, I'll definitely have to scotch guard that. I love it though. It is the.most.comfortable.chair. in the world AND I would put it in any room of my house.

So get excited...I know I am!

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