Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shannon from The Scribble Pad

Shannon offered to write a post while I am enjoying our new addition. She is fabulous and I love her blog. Go check out the Scribble Pad and you will die when you see her precious boy and all his cute little outfits :)

Hi, Shannon from The Scribble Pad where I write about life, parenthood, dreams of owning a house one day, the adventure of a farm share and my love for party planning. Did you catch all that? My blog makes me out to be a Jane of all trades, just like Kaitlin. But then again, I guess that is why we are so encouraged by each other’s writing.

So by now you are probably wondering why I am even talking to you. Well, I had a little one about 10 months ago. Yup, that’s a picture of me, about this time last year, fully pregnant. That means I am a certified professional when it comes to understand the importance of snuggling and loving on a new babe, catching up on rest, and of course watching re-runs of your favorite show. I am placing bets on how many episodes of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Kaitlin sneaks in while breastfeeding…any takers?
Back to the business of this blog post. While Brad and Kaitlin are enjoying their newest addition, I wanted to share with you some of the firsts they will undoubtedly be experiencing and possible reactions.
First sight: there are not emotions that fully capture this moment.
First eye contact: in some ways, even more overwhelming than first sight
Daddy’s first diaper change: may result in strange noises coming from your husband as he copes with the “foul odor” (only to realize later that those diapers aren’t very stinky by comparison)
First spit up: the only time it will truly make you gag and panic simultaneously, you get used to it very quickly.
First coo: your heart will melt, and then begin to woo your baby to do it again and again.
First major leak for mom: fingers-crossed you aren’t in public. But if you are, sister, we have all been there. Hold your baby over the leaky side. If both sides are leaking, laugh.
First major leak for baby: this is going to be gross (and might also make you gag). There is no pretty part of cleaning up baby poo that has reached the shoulder blades or dribbled down legs. But these moments make great stories.
First doctor’s appointment: you mind may go blank by the overwhelming responsibly of caring for this child. Don’t forget to write down the stats, height, weight, and percentiles. All of the other mom’s in your life will be asking about these numbers.
First beer or glass of wine: enjoy it until the last sip, that is unless you fall asleep before you get around to finishing it.

Brad and Kaitlin, enjoy the many firsts, the moments keep getting better and better!

Love, The Screibers

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