Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Oh hey there! See that guy ^^....he is ONE.  Actually, he is 16 months (pic is first birthday-MONSTERS).  That means I have not blogged in over a year.  My last post was about having a week left until I went back to work.  Well the story goes like this...dropped Wyatt off at the woman's house who was going to keep him, went to work, quit work, went back and got him.  He was there for all of 30 minutes and he slept the whole time.  Never even got out of his carseat. Never even knew I left.  

So there it is.  I am a stay at home mom juggling a million side projects to make some extra cash and loving all the time I get to spend with this little nugget.

I am not promising to post all the time.  Maybe I will get back into and love it again.  I think I was a tad overwhelmed in the stay at home mommy department.  Breastfeeding for 13 months (woop woop go boobs!), living away from my parents, trying to meet people and get involved in church and other things...it has been a pretty crazy 16 months.  

hunting Easter eggs at the park..."leave me alone!"

Now I work some from home for an AWESOME start up furniture company (Homelite John's), I am a weight watchers leader (have been for a year), and I make a little children's clothing.  I try to dabble in everything.  NOT.  What am I thinking?!

Oh, there's my boo...Heeeyyyy cutie....

Anyways, I hope to start posting again. And READING again.  Sorry y'all, I literally fell off the face of the Earth.

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