Friday, July 29, 2011

Birthdays, Update & announcement!

I woke up to these beautiful flowers in my FAVORITE color (if you can't tell...see orange kitchen wall in background) from my sweet hubby. It is my birthday...YAY 24! And it is HIS birthday too...he's old though...25...sucker :)

And to answer your question, yes, it was totally weird when we realized we had the same birthday when we started dating. We haven't given gifts since our first birthday together though. Last year it was a month before our honeymoon and this year we are going to look for a baby rocker/chair this weekend. Yay for being practical. That is what happens when you have the same birthday. You become responsible about things. No more selfishness. This is why it is now extra special to me when my friends do things for my birthday because honestly, I think about it as his day and forget that it is mine too. So thanks to all of my friends who took me to dinner or lunch this and appreciate you more than you know!!

This was taken yesterday...23 weeks...24 weeks tomorrow :)

Please excuse my dirty mirror. How embarrassing. I will give him some windex love this weekend.

And I know, I know, but I cannot look at the camera when I am taking these photos. I am already weirded out about taking pictures of myself. It's just not me.

Update: feeling really well. Brad felt the baby for the first time this week! It was really awesome and special. And we have a name....

Wyatt Harrison Godfrey

Wyatt was Brad's great grandfathers name and Harrison was my grandfather's middle name.

Love. I am in love with my little Wyatt.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Heather from BlondeUndercoverBlonde!

I am excited to introduce Heather to y'all. I really enjoy reading her blog and she is super sweet and fun to follow on twitter :) Check her out!

Howdy, y'all!

I'm Heather from...

I blog about life, love, and furbabies.

I am so excited that Kaitlin asked me to guest post for her!
When I asked Kaitlin if there was a topic she'd like me to cover, she said mentioned both Texas and my nickname, "Blonde...Undercover Blonde". After a little brainstorming, I came up with a topic that covers both:

For those of you non-Texans out there, we're proud people. You could spend years here and never see every monument and tourist stop. There is one place that most people like to go to hike:

Like any normal Texan, I have attempted Enchanted Rock on more than one occassion.
"Attempted" being the key word.
There's a point on the rock, where you look behind you, and it looks like a straight drop.
This is the point that gets me every time.
I should point out that I've skiied in Colorado, climbed the mountains in New Mexico, hiked in Tennessee...But I have yet to conquer this darned rock.

The last time I attempted it, I got to the same point, turned around, saw the drop off...
Marched the rest of the way up the rock like a sane adult
Clung to the nearest rock and cried.
Not joking.

To make matters worse, a troop of grown Girl Scouts Brownies walked by and started cheering "You can do it, don't be afraid!"
And this is the only time in my life I've ever given a Brownie the stank eye.
Normally, I run to them, requesting Thin Mints.
The hubby & I are actually planning a trip to that part of Texas this fall.
I'm almost feeling crazy enough to attempt the rock again...

Sorry, know the spacing is always off....darn you blogger!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

beer and slaw

Brad and I were excited last night for two different reasons.

He got to bottle his beer that he's brewing (this is not illegal...its not a lot of beer at all...and it is just for him not to sell). Thanks to my mama who gave him the "best birthday present ever". He still has a few more weeks for it to sit in a dark place before he (not me) can drink it. Thank God we have seperate closets.

I was just excited because I made one of my favorite dishes! My family makes this for every get together and I absolutely loooove it. I don't know how I had not made it since we have been married. Oh yea, I don't cook often anymore. My friend, Swayze, had a kitchen shower Saturday morning and we had to give her a recipe. I chose this and of course my pregnant self has been craving it ever since! Craving satisfied. And it is literally the easiest recipe ever. Perfect if you are not a cooker and need a side dish.

Oriental Slaw

2 bags shredded angel hair slaw (shredded cabbage)

2 bundles chopped green onions (or to taste)

2 packages crushed ramen noodles

1 cup sunflower seeds

1 package slivered almonds


1 cup veggie oil

1 cup sugar

1/3 cup vinegar

4 tbsp soy sauce

salt & pepper to taste.

MIX everything together

Monday, July 25, 2011

the weekend and flashback...

This weekend was exhausting, but really fun! We saw a lot of friends we haven't seen in a while...considering Saturday went a little like this.

10:30-12:45 bridal shower

4:00-7:00 Wedding

7:30-9:30 Engagement party

Ahhh!! But everything was beautiful and great. The only problem... I wore heels for the first time in 6 months...bad idea. When you are wearing a maternity dress that is totally not your style and you would have never worn it in a regular dress, you've got to at least wear heels to make it a little better. Blah. I just sat on everything I could find. Chairs, staircases, not really.

Sunday consisted of church, HARRY POTTER and breakfast for dinner. And it was goooood. We used our kitchen aid mixer for the first time...uhh...since we got it a year ago. Ooops.

HP7pt2 was ahhh-mmmaaazzzeeeee. I want to see it again. I want to buy it. I cannot believe it is over. Yes, I am that girl who read all the books and was even Hermonie for Halloween in college. Love you sweet Harry...And Hey Shelley! :)

Picture circa 2007. The only one I could find. I know we had some of us "wingardium leviosa-ing" all over the fraternity houses. WHERE ARE THEY!!??

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We need to do this more

To do what you ask?

Get together. Laugh. Love on eachother for a while.

These are 4 of my bestest friends in the whole world & we all hung out last night to celebrate 2 of them getting back from out of town summer clinicals.


They were all in my wedding. 3 bridesmaids and 1 read a beautiful passage. It was perfect.

And now we will all be in Swayze's wedding at the end of October (praying I'm not having the baby by then).


That's Swayze's mom, Melissa. She cooked enchiladas for us. She is fabulous and has THE most beautiful home. Ever.


Fergs teaching Swayz how to have good posture.


Swayze, Ellen, Me, Amye, Lauren (Fergy/Cuz)

My maiden name is Ferguson and Lauren's last name is Ferguson. In college we convinced a lot of people we were cousins. It was pretty much one of our favorite things to do at the bar.


Swayze graduated in interior design and then got her Masters at Tulane in Historic Preservation. She just got a big mama job for the state in the history and archives department. She has an intern and everything (ha). The other three are ALL in physical therapy school. Yea, I know. My friends are insane smart and talented....and gorgeous.


So there are 4 of my bestfriends...We are missing a few that don't live around here. Luckily we get to see them this weekend!

And my hydrangeas are out & blooming...LOVE.


Winner Winner...and a happy thought

Since I only had nine entries, you had a pretty good chance at TWO of you winning...

Amber Marie


Email me and I will send you your two week-trial codes for Fotolia.

woo hoo! Congrats!

but most importantly...


Now I just have to pick a paint color. I am losing my mind about it.

any suggestions??? this is my sweet bedding and the furniture is that same cherry color. This is the dream room if we had hardwood floors. I love, love tan but I'm a little nervous because my carpet is light tan...The goal is CALM, sweet...not bright and cutesy. Thanks....seriously, comment, give me your opinion.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

22 weeks...and last chance to enter giveaway!

Can I get a pregnancy update?!

I went to the Doctor yesterday and was utterly shocked when she told me how much weight I'd gained. Seriously, jaw hit floor. I was wearing shoes. I ate a footlong sub for lunch (eeek). It was 4:00 in the afternoon. No excuses. It was sick...but I know, I know, I cannot think that way. There is a beautiful baby growing inside of me and it's expected. My sweet doctor had to remind me that I am over halfway through with the pregnancy and this number is not at all shocking...the shocking part is that it's normal.

How far along: 22 weeks

Size of baby: Papaya? I'm over the food references.

Total weight gain: 16, I said it. And it is everywhere...not just a cute big belly. My arms...ohhhhemmmmgeeee.

Maternity Clothes: Thank goodness for my mama. She bought me some for my birthday (that is actually July 29). So thankful! I needed them and I wear them daily. Can still wear some non-mat shirts.

Gender: BOY

Movement: I feel him move for a few minutes every day. I love it. It is so weird and amazing. He just topples around in there for a few minutes straight and then I like to imagine he gets comfy and goes to sleep.

Sleep: Fine. I just have to pee numerous times in the middle of the night. Every time I wake up I have to go.

What I miss: Nothing really. Still would like a cold beer, but you all know this.

Cravings: is everything an answer? I'm just hungry all the time.

Symptoms: Haven't had a migraine in a while...hoping I don't jinx myself!!

What I am looking forward to: the hubs painting the nursery! and tomorrow he is telling me our little boy's name!! We have two names. We are deciding what order they will go in and whichever name is his first name, that is what he will be called. I love them both so much that I am letting Brad decide. He said he will have a decision tomorrow! So excited!!

You still have today to enter the giveaway. You have a great shot at winning! Ha....first giveaway...I'm cool with that :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer loves...giveaway!

It's Friday so I'm telling you about a few things I am loving this summer in the form of a giveaway. Call them cravings if you will. I just want it all right now!

Starting off with some sweet tea. I wouldn't be southern if it wasn't a love of mine. It is the best when its freshly homemade. I try to always keep it in the fridge.

Oh and if you didn't know, when it is homemade it gets sweeter everyday it watch out if you're a first timer! will be a constant on this list. I'm eating a LOT of plums too....delicious :)

Tacos. Specifically pork tacos. Soooo yummy. Mouth is watering. right. now.

And peach cobbler. Can we say savory goodness? I had some last night that my mother in law made. Fresh out of the oven. Warm with icecream on top....ahhh I die (thanks Rachel Zoe).

These flowers are super pretty and orange is my favorite color so I thought I'd share.

All the images are from Fotolia. Check out their website. It is pretty great. I use websites like this at work so I was really excited when they contacted me for a free month subscription.

I'm giving away TWO 14 day free subscriptions! You can download 3 images per day--they are high resolution and royalty free. You can use them anywhere! Blogs, invitations, cards, whatever you want!

Easy-peasy giveaway. Two ways to enter:

  • Be a follower of the blog--comment for this entry.

  • Comment and tell me what you are loving this summer!

Blogs first giveaway....let's see how this goes!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The little things

It is pretty much fact that I have the best friends a girl could ask for. Whether they are my girl friends I am still close to from highschool, college or even my neighborhood gang I've known since I was five (H-Crest represent), they are all beautiful, thoughtful girls that have turned into wonderful young ladies. I received not one, but two, gifts in the mail last week "just because". And no, it was not even because I was having a bad week. One of them didn't even know because I had not talked to her and the other knew, but had ordered it the week before online. Both of them had notes telling me to pamper myself. Not gifts for the sweet baby. Gifts for me. I love my friends.


Yummy pomegranate hand cream from Katie. It smells so wonderful :) Heaven in a bottle for reals.


Swayze sent this little kit from Sephora. It is fabulous. I took a bath last night and honestly felt like I was at a spa. The scents have that clean, cucumber smell that you can only get at a spa. I am weird about facial creams and I just rubbed that cream on my face for so long and kept poking my lips out to smell my nose all night (you know what I am talking about- kind of makes a fishy face).

It's the little things that mean so much. Thank you.

I forgot to put these pictures up of hubs and our friend, Austin putting together the crib! Lauren and I thought this was something that needed to be recorded for the books! If you look closely you can see the deer border. Don't worry, I'll get a good close up of it for all you deer lovers.


My sweet husband who absolutely loves when his photo is taken....especially after moving beds to two different rooms and one to the attic.


Thought I'd throw in this sweet pic of my baby this morning. Yesterday Kingsley and I pledged to eachother we would wake up 20 minutes early and go walking. So far so good. Today and yesterday--done! He's exhausted.


The bump yesterday...this is why I decided to start walking. I think my arms have expanded 6 inches in diameter.


Monday, July 11, 2011

We fought the fire!

Hey..I'm back and not crazy anymore. I think the mental health day totally helped. Or just being with my family in my favorite place (home) helped. We did have quite the crazy event happen on Friday night though.

So we literally sit on our screened in porch at my parents house the whole time we are there. It what we do. We relax, drink coffee or wine, (me not so much the latter two anymore) and talk. My dad was gone to get dinner and my mama, Brad and I were sitting out there. We went inside for a quick second. Like--2 minutes at the most--no joke. Luckily my dad came home right then and started screaming. We ran to the back of the house to see the porch on FIRE. A candle had somehow caught the wicker side table on fire and it was flaming to the CEILING of the room. I called 911 and my parents and Brad were trying everything to get it out. A neighbor came over with two brooms and they managed to pull it off the deck and throw it over the balcony. This got the fire out of the porch, but which they were sliding it something fell and caught my mom's foot on fire. Her WHOLE foot. 2nd degree burn. 7 hrs in the ER. Scariest night of my life to date. For reals.

I was on the phone with 911 the whole time sounding like the biggest redneck. The fire dept was probably warned they were about to pull up to a trailer park with us in our robes and curlers. The lady kept telling me to get out of the house. Here is a very abbreviated version of our phone conversation. Imagine a lot more screaming and a heavy Alabama twang.

911 Lady: "Where are you?"

Me: "In the house"

911 Lady: "Get everyone and get out of the house"

Me: "Ok!" Scream Scream

911 Lady: "Are yall out of the house"

Me: "No! We're fightin' the fire!!" (seriously I said this)

911 Lady: "Get everyone and get out of the house!"


911 Lady: "Please calm down and get out of the house"

Me: "No! We fought the fire and its out...but send the paramedics!!!"

I hung up on her. She called back. This conversation went like this for 10 minutes.

I'm telling you...when you are in a scary situation, you're accent comes out. There is no hiding it. I am mortified if anyone else ever hears this. I will NEVER make fun of a 911 call on the news again. Ever.

*Everyone is ok. The porch...well, it will be ok. Mama's foot will be fine in a few weeks. My sister is going to stay with them this week to help out.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Seriously Thursday

I haven't blogged in almost a week and I was not going to because I am feeling foul, but I remembered it is Thursday and this particular Thursday is the definition of "seriously thursday". So I rant. Again. Promise I will be positive again soon. killer drama. I don't even want to put this on my list, but I mean. Hello. Casey Anthony. The most disgusting part is that she will be rich in a week on some crazy book deal... or porn....that was mean, sorry.

Seriously...Kingsley has fleas. AGAIN. We bombed our house, cleaned everything, I vacuum daily. He has been flea free for 3 weeks. We thought it worked. WRONG.

Seriously...can someone give me or my hubs a 20k raise? Yes? Ok thanks.

Seriously...I am currently on SIX daycare waiting lists...going to visit another one this afternoon and calling a lady who keeps kids. All of the daycares look at me with sad puppy dog eyes that seem to say "you have no chance". The daycare I liked the least doesn't even have an opening until next July. What?!

Seriously...went to the eye doctor this morning and he tells me I have spots all over my eyes. "Has no one ever told you this?! This is not good for a 23 yr old. I hope you have just had them your whole life...why has no one told you this?! They are cataract spots. I'm sending you to a specialist." What.the.hell. Is today real???

Seriously...and it keeps getting more real...went home for lunch and my computer is a blank white screen. Nice. Call Dell. Sorry your warrant is up, you will have to pay to take this call any further. No thanks.

Needless to say, my mama wants me to come home to B'ham and take a mental health day tomorrow. I know I need it. Sometimes you need to put your big girl panties on a deal with it and sometimes you need to clutch tightly to Tigger (or your stuffed animal of choice) and cry to your Mama. Hopefully my boss is cool with it. Baby G doesn't need this stress. It is not healthy. I need to pull it together for reals.

The link was being real funny so I couldn't link up....but the real-seriously thursday-deal is Becky's blog.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Ranty Friday

Sometimes I get super annoyed with people.

Like the other day when I was at Motherhood Maternity. The sales associate was literally the worst worker I had ever seen. Preg lady (me) was carrying like 50 shirts and dresses and she never once asked if she could start a room for me. (Also I am the only one in the store) Then when I asked her a question about the hem on something she just kind of stares off and says "hmm..thats weird". That was her response. Are you kidding me? Give me an "I don't know" or something.

Then I started thinking...who works there? I mean I would love to work there now...discounts! Hello! But mostly, you work at clothing stores for discounts so there is always cute teens or 20-somethings. But who works at maternity stores when you are only pregnant for a certain amount of time...the discount becomes useless. There is my mind for you.

And I am always critical of sales people. I know this is because of growing up working in retail then being a manager at a Target (woohoo). Customer service is just really important and I don't understand how people get away with being rude and clueless.

I am also mad that I have no money and I just want to buy cute little boy clothes from Zulily. I'm thinking about unsubscribing. It just makes me sad.

End rant. Sorry.

So glad its FRIDAY.

I am obsessed with Becky's giveaway and I want it so bad. So do not enter it.

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