Friday, April 29, 2011

Y'all, please!

I know I live in Mississippi, but my heart is in Alabama. That is where I'm from. That is my home, where I was raised.

With that said, it does not matter where you are from, DONATE to Alabama Red Cross!!! Or any Red Cross Chapter. I want to go and help so bad, but I know we need to wait until there is a plan for the chaos.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What is wrong with me?

Why, dear sweet Lord, why am I obsessed with these terrible shows?

Teen Mom

Teen Mom 2

16 & Pregnant

whatever the next genius title may be...Teen Mom 3?

I know, I know, it is terrible. Tuesday night comes and my poor hubby knows to leave the room or let me leave the room and go watch in the bedroom (usually the latter--my show apparently does not deserve a flat screen. whatev.)

But what is it about them?? Is it just the whole watching a train wreck know where you drive by a car accident and you have to turn your head and see what is going on. You have to. You do it NOT lie to me. You do it, right?

I'm really not a horrible person...I am always praying the people involved are ok. Really for serious.

Please someone tell me I am not alone in the teen mom drama. I don't think it is a funny show. I actually cry on occasion whether I am just heartbroken over their tragic situations or when Corey and Leah got married (Ok, yeah so what, they are divorcing you say? I don't believe it).

And honestly, I do not at all -whatsoever- think that these shows glorify teen pregnancy. And if there are teenagers out there that are trying to get pregnant to get on this show, they are idiots because baby girl, the show is going to end. And you got what, $50k? That is not going to last all that long. You still need a job.

If anything, this show makes me realize how sacred motherhood is and how mature you need to be to handle it. I was not that mature at 15, 16, even 20. No way. It pains me sometimes to see the episodes of say, Janelle, and know that she was given the most precious gift of all and does not appreciate it (as the show portrays)---knowing that I have friends that just hope and pray for a precious child one day. It does lift me up, however, to see sweet Leah who loves her girls or Maci who leaves the useless dad-- She knew he was no good.

Ok. End rant. I was just trying to say I cannot stop watching this show. BLAH. Sorry.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Can you see it?

So this is about the Hubs.

I was just thinking about him today and how amazing he is. So I thought I would share some Honeymoon pictures (minus the first one...that was our rehearsal dinner). He seriously is so good to me and always makes me laugh- when I say laugh, I mean cry-laugh, pee in your pants. He is a funny guy and pretty darn shy if you don't know him. He is also easy on the eyes which doesn't hurt one bit ;) People that knew us both before we dated thought we were one odd pair (mostly because I am crazy outgoing and he is NOT), but I cannot imagine life without this man. He's the conditioner to my shampoo....yea, so what?

Now to the Honeymoon. We went to Yountville, CA. It is in between Napa and Sonoma. Perfection to say the least.

Sorry! He is soooo cute...Okay, I'll throw in some of me!

Biking through vineyards....can we say amazing, romantic and FUN? Plus, great way to burn calories when all you do is EAT and DRINK for an entire week. Seriously, that's it.

So do you think my hubby looks familiar?? I don't know if you can see it in pictures and I personally NEVER thought this, but we hear is so much it. is. so. annoying.

People stop and tell him this that he doesn't even know. Strangers. And the first time he meets anyone, its immediately, "You look like that know? From Brokeback Mountain." Bahaha he hates it when they say that. I love it. But always, no matter what, he always says ever so calmly, "Oh, cool, I have never heard that before." And I am dying, bursting, LIAR. But he thinks its weird and doesn't want to talk about it.

That's right, Jakey. Maybe not the best pic, but can you see the similarities? It is hard for me to...probably because he is my husband. Anyways, thought I'd share this funny tid-bit about my man. Don't tell him I told you---he would kill me.

I just wish I looked like some of his exes....Reese anyone? T-Swift?? Come on...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Tuesday

1. I forget to tell y'all...I didn't have to board the pup! Yay! We ended up not getting to go to see my sister and brother in law because of the terrible storm, which sucks.

2. We went to Tunica Sunday night for the Kent Hull golf tournament supporting Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital. Our sweet cousins kept the baby dog. Whew...crisis averted.

3. I know I am not updating the blog much, but life isn't too interesting at the moment and honestly I am just really lazy and don't take pictures. Even though I have an awesome would be cool if I knew how to use it.

4. Speaking of lazy...I am just down-right tired all the time.

5. But on a happy note, one of my bestfriends got engaged last weekend!! YAY I won't be the only old married girl of our little college group anymore!! Here she is at my wedding, my beautiful Swayze. CAN'T WAIT FOR HER'S!!

6. Speaking of bestfriends and my's all of them + my sissy (on my right shoulder) at my wedding too. I miss these girls everyday...aren't they pretty??

7. Don't go walking in jeans at 2:45pm in Mississippi. It is HOT.

8. DO go watch the trailer for The Help!!! It was filmed in Jackson, MS (where we live)! Cannot wait for this movie...if it is HALF as good as the book then it will be amazing. AND if you haven't read the book, you are missing out ridiculously.

That's all for now...told you it was random!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Check out the scary

Check this out. I was trying to embedd the video, but its not working. Anyways, we spent a little while in the kitchen during lunch. It is the only room without windows...even though it has vending machines that could have tumbled over and killed us. whew. And this is why. Freakin' scary. That is like 15 miles away from where I am. A bank blew away. Just BLEW AWAY. Geez.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feeling guilty...

So my sweet, adorable, love of my life--besides the Hubs--got neutered two weeks ago. And this weekend.....

We are boarding him.

You might say, "so what?"...Well, this is what--He has never been boarded and he is our child. Seriously, its bad. He sleeps with us, he runs (walks) with us, watches tv with us, lays at my feet while I get ready in the morning....etc.. People say when you have a baby you won't feel that way about your dog. I say bring it on because I cannot imagine!!

And get this...they take him out for 10 MINUTES TWICE a day!!! THAT'S IT!!! Holy moly, I feel like a bad mother. It is a really good clinic and he will only be there Friday and Saturday night. I just HATE this. Hate. It.

Look at my Kings baby with his wittle bitty cone.

cone head.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Look who is coming home!

Well, not technically "home", but back to the STATES at least!!

My sweet sister and her adorable hubby are coming back from Italy and moving to Georgia! Still 7.5 hours away from me, but we are going to be the same distance from our parents (3.5 hours) and this makes us very happy ladies :)

kristin, mom, me- her wedding.

They had a rough go-at-it from the beginning...."courting" through love letters, visiting a few times while he was in Italy, getting married & him leaving just 2 weeks later for Afghanistan, her living with my parents for a YEAR while he was gone (let's face it, a married woman shouldn't live with her parents), then FINALLY being reunited in Italy! What a romantic city, but still without family and friends from home. They DID, however, get to do cool things like travel and go to balls....yes, please...

Anyways, I miss her and I am so excited! Brad and I are going to greet them this weekend! YAY KRISTIN AND JOEY!!!

bro, me, kris on the way to my wedding--my hair is usually not that big.

clearly, at my bachelorette party that she threw for me at the beach. best weekend ever.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Femme Fatale

Okay I hate to sound like a Britney Blog because that I am not, but I talked so much about my anticipation of the Britney album that I must give a review of sorts. It is weird how nervous and worried I was about hearing it because I'd heard mixed reviews....well here is mine.

By the way, my sweet husband brought it home to me the day it came out. Awwww :)

...It is not the best. BUT it is not awful. It is different and it's growing on me. It is straight up techno in da seriously, you could just give the CD to a DJ and he doesn't have to work for an hour. One plus, no ballads. I love me some old school Brit, but let's be honest, baby girl cannot sing a good ballad. It is just not her strong point. She is here to make us dance, feel young, and feel a little sexy while we are singing in our cars.

High Points: Till the World Ends, Inside Out, Drop Dead Beautiful, Trouble for Me, I Wanna Go

Low Points: Gasoline? (the name itself), Trip to Your Heart (semi-ballad)

The other songs, I'm just ok with....was expecting more from Big Fat Bass ft., but it isn't terrible.

So overall, I am not upset with the album. Yes, it could have been better, but I still want to see her in concert in JULY in NEW ORLEANS...please, HUBS, please!!!!!! (or friends, you know its my bday month!!! Make my dream come true)

**And a side note** If you want to hear a great Brit album, SERIOUSLY BAD A, go buy Black Out circa 2007. My favorite Britney album EVER. Unfortunately, it came out right as she shaved her head and divorced K-Fed so no one noticed her genius-amazing album that could have shot her straight back to number one. Yea, I am pretty bitter about it.

Doesn't she look WAY more gorgeous on the Femme Fatale cover?? See, things are looking up!

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