Our Story

How we met

Brad and I had two classes together our last semester (Spring 2009) at Mississippi State.  We did not know eachother, but had a few mutual friends.  One night, at Mugshots (the best bar in our little college town), we ended up sitting at the same table together.  We talked a little bit, but I thought nothing of it.  I just thought he was really cute! (He even let me wear his jacket)
A few days later, he got my number from one of our friends and text messaged me.  It is so funny to think about now because the text said, "Hey, this is Brad Godfrey...from class...".  Before too long (and I mean within two days), he asked me to go to the movies.  I of course thought he meant with a bunch of people because I did not really know him, but it was a DATE!  I had never been asked on a date randomly by someone I did not really know.  I was so nervous. It was also hysterical because I referred to him as "hott guy in my class" to my girlfriends.
We saw Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D.  I didn't tell him at the time, but I am SO afraid of 3D--the way it pops out at you! Like seriously, afraid (cut to two years later, we own a 3D TV--not my decision). We had such a good time and had great conversation--never a dull moment.  From that day until we graduated --about a month and a half later-- we spent every day together.  
Unfortunately, we had to part ways for job reasons after that.  From May to November, I lived in Birmingham and we traveled a good bit back and forth.  In December, I made the big move to Jackson, MS to live in the same town as him.  We decided we wanted to live in the same place before we made the BIG commitment.

Best Day of My Life...Besides for Our Wedding Day of course!

March 3, 2010.

You all must keep in mind that Brad is romantic, so he did sweet things for me all the time when we were dating.  Everyone that hears our story thinks I am an idiot for having no idea what was going on, but it is because it wasn't completely out of the ordinary for him!  
For our 11 month anniversary (yes, 11, not a year...we celebrated every month), Brad wanted to take me for a surprise dinner.  He would not tell me where we were going....just to wear "BUSINESS CASUAL"...so typical.  At about 7:00, we pulled up to Ruth Chris at the Renaissance in Jackson, MS.  We had a great dinner and so much fun together.  The things he said, made me positive that he wasn't proposing that night.  For example, "Bear with me, I'm working on it".  I honestly thought that we were just having a nice dinner celebration.  Towards the end of dinner, he told me to save room for dessert because he had it at the house.
We pulled up to the Godfrey's house (which was our future home), and his parents weren't there.  He said they were at a friend's watching the MSU/Auburn basketball game---it made sense!  We walked in and in the kitchen there was both of our favorite dessert---carrot cake---and a few different flavor cupcakes so I could choose.  Of course, there were flowers too!  I started digging into the cake when he asked if we could go eat it outside.  I said "uhh...okay, its 40 degrees...".  We went outside and the outdoor fireplace was already lit and warm!!  At this point, I STILL HAD NO CLUE---seriously.
He said he had a little present for me and brought it outside.  I unwrapped it and it was Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season One!  If anyone knows me at all, you know this is my FAVORITE show of all time!  How sweet! HA!  After that, I was sure the night was over...it was getting late!  Then he said all the amazing things that every girl wants to hear and got on his knee....Oh Lord, the screaming began!!!  
After about 2 minutes of screaming and crying, Brad said, "Kaitlin! Please put the ring on and look at it!"  AH,  I'd forgotten there was even a ring!  Of course it is BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT, and exactly what I wanted.  He then pulled out the Dom Perignon!  The rest is history..... :)

We got married August 28, 2010. 

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