Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Really Glee?

Anyone else super unimpressed in Glee last night?  I’ve been looking forward to this for far too long.

I mean, yes, great episode.  Always great.  But Finn and Rachel…they were suppose to “do it”.

I was picturing Reese and Ryan Cruel Intentions style.  Sweet, sexy, just enough innocence.

No.  Finn and Rachel cuddled and Kurt and Blaine rubbed noses

What a disappointment.


Cole said...

I haven't gotten to see last night's episode yet...and based on your post, I'm already disapointed. I expect more from them!

Joelle said...

I liked it! I thought it was really sweet. There was so much controversy about it, but I thought that they did it in such a tasteful way that it would be hard to argue against it. I mean, I wouldn't have minded a little more than that, but at least is was appropriate for a younger audience, right?


Mateya said...

I agree! And honestly, Glee has been sort of dissapointing me all season. Something's just missing.

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