Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Oh hey there! See that guy ^^....he is ONE.  Actually, he is 16 months (pic is first birthday-MONSTERS).  That means I have not blogged in over a year.  My last post was about having a week left until I went back to work.  Well the story goes like this...dropped Wyatt off at the woman's house who was going to keep him, went to work, quit work, went back and got him.  He was there for all of 30 minutes and he slept the whole time.  Never even got out of his carseat. Never even knew I left.  

So there it is.  I am a stay at home mom juggling a million side projects to make some extra cash and loving all the time I get to spend with this little nugget.

I am not promising to post all the time.  Maybe I will get back into and love it again.  I think I was a tad overwhelmed in the stay at home mommy department.  Breastfeeding for 13 months (woop woop go boobs!), living away from my parents, trying to meet people and get involved in church and other things...it has been a pretty crazy 16 months.  

hunting Easter eggs at the park..."leave me alone!"

Now I work some from home for an AWESOME start up furniture company (Homelite John's), I am a weight watchers leader (have been for a year), and I make a little children's clothing.  I try to dabble in everything.  NOT.  What am I thinking?!

Oh, there's my boo...Heeeyyyy cutie....

Anyways, I hope to start posting again. And READING again.  Sorry y'all, I literally fell off the face of the Earth.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The last week.

I know it has been almost two months since I’ve blogged, but I have been enjoying every second with my little bug.  Now I have one week left at home with him and I cannot even imagine leaving.  Any advice on how to deal is much appreciated.  He is our world.  I have trouble leaving him for two hours at a time to go to the movies.  Lord, be with me when I leave him for 8 hours.

Here is a little photo dump of the most beautiful baby in the world.







Look at the difference between his first bath and tonight.  Awwww I think he likes it more now :)


This will literally be the hardest week of my life…last week at home with my perfect Wyatt.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Birth Story Part II

Part II

So at about 2am I started timing my contractions. They were roughly 4 minutes apart. I finally woke Brad up and he was trying to get me to the hospital, but I told him I had to shave my legs. So I got in the bath and then took a shower. --By the way, I don't understand how women want to take a bath to soothe them during labor...personally, I found no relief in the tub.--

I called my mom so she could leave from Birmingham and we headed to the hospital. I was in extreme pain and my contractions were 2 min apart. When we checked in and got all settled it was 5:30am. I was only 2 and a half cm!! I could not believe it. They said they could not give me my epidural until my doctor got there. My doctor got to my room at about 8:15am. I was 4 and a half cm and she broke my water. She was so excited that I was progressing on my own and said that my contractions were too crazy to give me anything to progress labor anyways. The anesthesiologist was in surgery and did not get to me until after 9 to give me my epidural. I was in so much pain. I kept telling Brad that he better love this child because it will be his only biological child (ok....prob not true). Thank God my doctor did not come to check me before the anesthesiologist got there because I was already 8 and a half cm--usually they won't give you an epi if you are 8cm.

My doctor rushed in after my epi because my blood pressure got super low and Wyatt's heart rate went up. That was the scariest 30 min of my life. Brad and my mom were not in the room with me. I kept asking if he was okay and no one would answer me. It was very frightening.

After she adjusted his position, everything was good and I started pushing. 45 min later, my sweet boy was born. He was 7 lb, 7oz, 20 in long. Total perfection and worth all the pain. He really was.

I could not stop thanking God that his birth experience went better than I planned it. It was everything I prayed for. I just knew that I was going to have a c-section since I didn't want pitocin. No one thought I could do it without it since it is just the norm now. My doctor was thrilled for me and so were we!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Birth Story Part I

Wyatt's Birth Story

Let me start by giving you all a little background information. I was strongly opposed to being induced. Like, crazy opposed. Nothing against anyone who does it-- I get it-- I was so ready to have Wyatt...being induced was extremely tempting. For me, it was a decision that I did not make lightly. There is research showing links between Autism and Pitocin (the drug used to speed up labor). While none of this is proven yet, I did not want to take any chances. My sweet brother has a form of autism called Aspergers. No one knows where Autism comes from. All we know is that it is now affecting 1 in 70 boys in the US. If it is genetic, I have the gene so I wanted to do everything in my power to take any precautions that I could. I know that ultimately God only knows if my sweet boy will have Autism. And guess what? If he does, I will love him and take care of him and make his life the best possible life that I can. But if I can do anything to protect him, that is what I am going to do.

So now you know the back story.

Monday, November 14th, Brad and I went to the doctor for my 39 week appointment. I was only 1 and 1/2 cm dilated. My doctor made me 2 cm. That was painful (or at least I thought that was painful--didn't know what pain really was at that point).

She had talked to us the week before about having a scheduled c-section. She does not let women have c-sections unless they are medically necessary, but she knew how anxious I was about the whole situation and how I was absolutely refusing pitocin. Basically I was told that unless I went into labor FAST, then I would have to have pitocin for mine and Wyatt's safety. She said a c-section was the only way to 100% guarantee I would not have it.

After talking for a long time, we decided that I would check in on Tuesday, November 15th at 5:30 pm and they would give me cervadil overnight. This is suppose to soften the cervix and make me dilate more. The next morning she would break my water and we would hope for the best. If I did not progress then we would do a c-section. This was my best chance at having him the way I wanted to so we agreed. (I was 39 and a half weeks at this point and I was told if I went to 4o or 41 weeks, there is no way that I would be able to have him vaginally since I am a first time mom and he would be pretty big).

That night Brad and I went to my favorite restaurant, Amerigo, for our last night alone. I was having contractions, but just assumed they were my normal braxton hicks or they were just hurting a little more since she had stretched me to 2 cm that afternoon. We got home, made sure everything was all packed up and went to sleep.

I woke up at 2 am with some fierce contractions and started to time them.

Friday, November 25, 2011

He is here!

Happy Thanksgiving from...
Wyatt Harrison Godfrey
November 15, 2011
7 lb 7 oz
20 inches

We are enjoying our little love...birth story and more pictures to come!

Friday, November 11, 2011



A to Z!

This is from Keeping Up with Kennedy…cute idea!

A. Age – 24

B. Bed size – King…could never go back to anything smaller.

C. Chore that you hatedusting.  always will hate this

D. Dogs – Kingsley our King Charles Spaniel.  We love him.

E. Essential start to your day – Mascara and coffee

F. Favorite color – orange

G. Gold or silver –always been a gold girl even before it was cool..but I do love gold and silver mixed

H. Height – 5’6

I. Instruments you play – never have… I grew up singing?

J. Job title – Sales Support…catchy.

K. Kids – Wyatt Harrison…maybe I will meet him this weekend!!! And our first born, Kingsley, of course.

L. Live – Madison, MS…but from Hoover, AL

M. Mother’s name – Bethany

N. Nicknames – boozer, kt, katy, booz, ferg

O. Overnight hospital stays – Not since I was a baby that I remember

P. Pet peeves – hmm…I get annoyed a lot.  Falling in the toilet due to the toilet seat being up is definitely one of them.  “Know-it-all” people.

Q. Quote from a movie – “what is this?  a center for ants!? how are we suppose to teach the children to read good if they can’t even fit inside of the building?” “Orange Mocha Frappuccino!!” – all movie quotes that come out of my mouth are from Zoolander.

R. Right or left handed – Right.

S. Siblings – two.  Sister, Kristin- 27, brother, Jared- 15…whoa they are old.

T. Time it takes you to get ready – little less than an hour.  but I like to take my time and drink coffee and be sleepy

U. Underwear – loving the granny panties…thanks, pregnancy. I might stick with them—sorry Brad!

Vegetable you hate – tomatoes and squash

W. What makes you run late –feeling/looking fat

X. X-rays you’ve had – hmm…besides dental, probably none.

Y. Yummy food you make – I make some pretty good Chili, I must say.

Z. Zoo animal – uh…lions bcz I love cats. I like trying to find hippos in the water too.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Really Glee?

Anyone else super unimpressed in Glee last night?  I’ve been looking forward to this for far too long.

I mean, yes, great episode.  Always great.  But Finn and Rachel…they were suppose to “do it”.

I was picturing Reese and Ryan Cruel Intentions style.  Sweet, sexy, just enough innocence.

No.  Finn and Rachel cuddled and Kurt and Blaine rubbed noses

What a disappointment.

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