Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the long weekend

We finally got to visit my sister and her husband for the first time since they moved back from Italy. 8 hours is a long drive, but it was worth it!


cutie hubs ^

dad and bro...sweeties

the winery we ate brunch at

my seessster!!




the cute town...

kris and joey

fam minus brad and j. (brad got a little sick--allergic to the kitty cats)

dad relaxin' on the husband bench. love it.


the ladies of the family. miss them daily.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I just want to know who made up the mean rumor that you get a burst of energy in your second trimester.

Sure, I am slightly less tired than the first.

But let's be serious. I am Exhaused. (note captial "E").

Maybe I need to start eating healthier? (ala veggies?--ew)

Or working out?...nah...

Or maybe its because I miss my coffee.

Gah, I am so jealous of people who drink coffee.

On a more positive note,

in less than two weeks we go to the doctor again

and two weeks after that we find out what the little nugget/egg/munckin/peanut (insert your nickname here) is!



I would really like to call this little sucker a real name or at least "baby girl or baby boy" which I find myself interchanging those anyways.

ps. I don't know why blogger likes to make all my posts' spacing really weird. Sorry about that annoyance!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Baby G went to his/her first music festival this weekend--first and probably last. Definately last while he/she is in my tummy.

I mean, it was fun and probably would have been more fun had I not been ridiculously paranoid the whole time.

I knew that there would be some characters there, but wow, I have never seen some of the things I saw. I cannot even explain. I felt like we were the only people there not on some sort of drug (I'm sure that is not true though). And I'm not naive.

I expected it to be like that to a degree, but I never imagined how it actually was.

Lets just say, I held my belly with one hand and the other hand was placed in front of me ready to push anyone who came close.

The lazy river at our condo was a great break from the chaos.

And the foo fighters almost made the anxiety go away. Almost.

Highlights of the weekend were:

the weather

foo fighters

my morning jacket

flaming lips

not working

Too bad it was WAY too crowded to even hear The Black Keys (tear, tear).

I actually prayed during the Flaming Lips that our child will be a huge goody-goody and never desire to do the things I saw. All I could think about were all of the people's parents. How sad is that?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Advice please, if you know what you are doing.

Okay people, help me out!

With the baby coming...yes, the baby (I cannot believe I am saying this), I really want to learn how to coupon. BAD.

I went to the store with my friend who coupons and watched her shop. Y'all. It. is. confusing. There is all this crazy lingo and math. Yuck!

But I still really want to do it.

I have been reading a dozen websites that people have referred me to and printing off coupons.

I really need to buy the Sunday paper.

Apparently that is key.

I am going to learn. I will learn.

I don't want to be a crazy coupon lady or anywhere near that TLC show (omg have you seen it??? My hubs and I sat with our mouths wide open in shock watching last night).

I just want to save a little cash--that would be legit.

So if you have any tips, PLEASE HELP A SISTA OUT!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blog world: About my absence...

These are the flowers my sweet husband gave me on Sunday.



Yes, Sunday was Mother's Day. My first Mother's Day.

I only took a million of these just to be sure.


(and I do mean a million...this is not HALF of them---took one once a week until my 8 wk apt)

So, here is the story. I didn't have my period so I took a test. Negative. Ok cool. Whew! A week later, still no period. Called the Doctor. Hey what is wrong with me? I am super late. I am never this late. She says to take another test. So what do I do? Go to the tanning bed. Then pick up another test on the way home from work (mind you, this is the week I painted our bedroom...prime, trim, paint, another coat of paint...by myself...awesome). It is positive. And it isn't just pink line positive, it says pregnant. Immediately, I get the other test out and I of course held it the wrong way and ruined it!! After pacing the house, talking to the dog about it, and showering, I pack the dog up (why I took him with me I dont know?!) and we head to CVS for more tests.

They are all positive.


The hubs comes home from golf and I just tell him to come here. Now. All of my tests are laying out on the counter. Pregnant. Pregnant. Pregnant. Two Pink lines. Luckily, he always knows how to make me laugh. He says "soo....what does that mean?" Thank God. Ha! Then he said "YAY?" and hugged me and told me how great this was going to be.

So 5 minutes later, we went to go pick up his friend that was staying with us for the weekend. We couldn't even discuss it. It was crazy. I mean, find out that news and then you cannot talk about it. WOW. The next day was that St. Patty's Day I was so looking forward to. Obviously, I did not go. That would be WAY to obvious if I didn't drink. It is just a beer drinking thing. And I love beer. So, that was sad.

But we are so happy!! And I am so relieved after 2 months of fear, anxiety, and major nerves, we are able to tell our friends and extended family and have a little more peace about the sweet little egg (as my little brother calls him/her).

12 1/2 weeks



I have been crazy tired, had headaches and cramps, but I am thankful to say NO SICKNESS :) Look, see how tired I am (under eye baggage)...


So...thanks if you are still reading my blog. I know I haven't updated much, but this is ALL I think about. There was nothing I could blog about...it would have been fake and terrible. I tried.

Due date: Nov 19th....turkey baby.

Monday, May 2, 2011


I am happy.

I am proud.

I am wearing red, white and blue today. Yes I am. Really.

Regardless if you are a democrat, republican (me), libertarian (hubs), something else, or nothing else...we should be thankful today. Do I think justice was served? I don't know...I mean how does the death of one man serve justice for the death of over 3,000 Americans? It doesn't. Not to their families. I guess the justice is the fact that he was the face of the evil--which sadly, does not mean the evil is gone.

But I am glad Bin Laden is dead. I am.

I have no desire to hear people say that they cannot celebrate the death of a man no matter what he did. If that makes me a bad person, I am sorry you feel that way. Reality check....under his ruling, TOO many people from all nations were brutally murdered. Why? Who will ever be able to give a good answer to that?

I am worried and fearful about what will happen now. I pray for the soldiers safety. I thank them for their hard work and sacrifice that they make daily. I hope that all the victims' families find some sort of comfort today.

I love and respect my brother in law and all of the men and women in the military. Thank you. Everyday.

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