Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seriously, Thursday


1. Seriously, 37 weeks on Saturday.  Is this a joke?  Someone is going to let Brad and I leave the hospital with a baby.  By ourselves.  That just seems kind of out of control to me.

2. Seriously, The car seat bases are installed.  Yes, I went to the fire station.  Yes, Brad thought that was ridiculous.  I do not care.  Do you know how many people do not install them correctly!?   Life or death people.  I’m a crazy mom already…whatev.

3. Seriously, Mary is married and on her honeymoon & Swayze will be married in two days. This makes me so happy!  Selfishly, it is exciting to not be the only married one of our group anymore---except now I will be the only one with a kid…o well…gotta stay ahead of  the game.

4. Seriously, I hate honkers.  Like, I get mad while driving, but why must you honk?  I get there are certain situations for honking (I’ve done it—like when someone is straight up about to hit me) but just going slow or stopping too long –there’s no need…It scares the crap out of everyone…aka me.  That’s what your hands are for—throw them up—it gets your point across just the same!

5. Seriously, there is no food in our house.  No exaggeration.  My poor husband is the grocery shopper now.  I just want to lay down after work.  Sorry, I love you, maybe it will change one of these days.

6.  Seriously,  I have been walking like crazy this week.  I would love this little man to just come on…

7. Seriously, I read the BEST book.  The Last Sin Eater by Francine Rivers. Amazeballs.  (Probably not the right book to call Amazeballs).  She is also the author of Redeeming Love and if you are a woman, you’ve probably read it---only one of the best books of all time.

8. Seriously, Today is my Friday!  Yay for wedding weekends!  And HALLOWEEN IS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY EVER  (I have a Halloween Village in my house…NOT a Christmas village like normal people)….so exciting!! We will be at a wedding Saturday night, but I pray I get some trick or treaters on Monday! I don’t understand why kids don’t go on the 31st anymore!?  What is the big deal…stay up until 9:30 or 10pm one time!


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Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

I wish I could upload the good quality pictures I took this weekend, but instead, I will give you a little cell phone recap.  Mary and Dave’s wedding was beautiful—just absolutely perfect

{Thank you, Ellen, I stole a few of your pictures.  Love you!}

Mary’s bachelorette party was Thursday night.  The bridesmaids stayed at my house.  We went to Babalu and then on a scavenger hunt to all of the places leading up to this day for Mary! 


The wedding AND reception were so true to who Mary and Dave are.  It was just incredible.  She was STUNNING!

couple  weddingbest

Yesterday, the hubs and I watched Hocus Pocus and carved our pumpkin!!  Well, he carved the pumpkin…It’s Goofy!! Can you tell??

2011-10-23_13_02_42 2011-10-23_14_31_24

Have a good week… Heading to the Doctor…36 weeks :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This love.

I just won’t address my absence to the blog.  I’m tired, people, and my computer does not work.  Hence, no photos unless they are from my phone.

I will, however, tell you about something that happened two weeks ago.  It really made me realize even more that I need to be so grateful for this wonderful pregnancy I have had.  Yes, I am really uncomfortable and so very ready for this little man to come, but I want him to grow and stay nice and healthy in my belly.  That is where he is the safest.

This little guy moves all.the.time.  I mean he is a MOVER.  I love it.  One night I noticed he had not moved all day long.  This wasn’t right for him, but I just said he was sleeping, he was fine.  The next morning he still hadn’t moved.  I was kind of concerned, but Brad and I decided I should just get a coffee on the way to work and see if that woke him up a little.  His prime time movement is mid-morning.  Mid-morning came and went and I think I felt him maybe once.  [My doctor says to do “kick counts” which is five kicks per an hour (during an active hour).  I’ve never done them because he moves so much.  I was doing them that morning…and he was no where near five]. I told the hubs and he insisted I call the doctor. 

You know when you call the OB, they take a message and your nurse calls you back about 5 hours later.  Oh no.  Not this day.  The operator said hold on and my nurse got on the phone immediately.  She asked me where I was and told me to get to the office as soon as I possibly could.  I literally hung up the phone and walked out of work, calling my husband on the way.  I think I stopped breathing at that moment and didn’t start again until after the sonogram tech said he was okay.  I did not realize just how scared I was until she smiled at me and said he is fine…he must have just been resting. I lost it.  Right then and there.  First real mom moment I think.  I have never been so scared in my life.  This boy is everything to me and if something happened to him, I just don’t know what I would do with myself.

It really is true that you just cannot fathom the love you will have for your child.  If my heart is already swelling now and I have not even met him, I cannot imagine what this love will be like.  And honestly, I couldn’t be more frightened or excited at the same time.


Are you kidding me?  When I went to get his coming home from the hospital gown monogrammed, I saw these that match the gown…um, yes please, I’ll take them.   So teeny tiny and precious.

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