Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Heavy issue

I tried to make the title a little clever.  I’m talking about weight gain and pregnancy. 

I don’t care who you are and what you tell me…it sucks and you know it.  Up until this week, I was the person who was like “it doesn’t matter…you are gaining it for your baby…blah blah blah” and believe me, I still  know that.  That fact doesn’t make hearing you’ve gained 18 pounds any easier.

I’ve always struggled with my weight.  I know I have never been obese or fat, but I have to work out and eat well to look good.  Right before I got pregnant, I had lost about 7 lbs and was feeling really good about myself.  I was working out and doing weight watchers—just getting healthy after the college and newlywed weight had accumulated.  I know I am a curvy girl and will always be the same size that I am, but I just like to feel good in my clothes.

Then I got pregnant.  I really have been okay with gaining the weight.  I love looking at my growing belly.  I want this sweet boy to be big and healthy and happy.  It is just hard sometimes thinking about losing the weight after.  And the fact that I am in TWO weddings when I am 8 and 1/2 months pregnant.  I am just envisioning the skinny, beautiful girls standing beside enormous me. (And believe me…both weddings…skinny, beautiful girls.  every. last. one. of. them)

I think it hit me when my husband weighed himself the other morning and I peaked over to see that he is currently 10 pounds less than me.  I almost cried.  He has lost almost 10 pounds doing this insanity workout thing for the past 20 days.  And I have obviously gained.  I just want to be like…can’t you do that AFTER I have the baby!?! 

Don’t freak out reading this and think I am going to stop eating or something.  If you know me, you know that would never happen.  I eat all the time…pregnant or not pregnant.  And I am not crazy and would NEVER starve my baby of the nutrients he needs to grow.  I am just venting because it sucks to look at the scale and see a number you have never seen in your life and know that it is only going to increase 15 or so more pounds.  Gross.


Allie @ Table for 3, Actually Make that 4 said...

Oh dont you worry my pretty that weight will fall right off! Seriously! If you breastfeed you really do not even need to work out! I gained 70 with babe #1 and lost it all in 4 months, with # 2 i did like 50 and lost it just as quick! You will be fine, do not fret! Xoxoxoxoxoxo

Jesica said...

I too have a little anxiety about the weight gain that's going to happen in pregnancy. I'm only 9 weeks along and have yet to grow anywhere new except in my bra, but I know in a few months I'm going to dread that scale! God bless breastfeeding and it's calorie burning capabilities!

Heather said...

First, you have looked GORGEOUS in every picture I've seen of you, whether preggers or not.

Second, my sister in law swears the Belly Bandit is the shiz after pregnancy.

Third, you should consider force feeding your hubby until the baby's here.

Amber Marie said...

Oh, precious Kaitlin! I'm so sorry you are feeling down. Girl, you are such a cute prego gal! I promise! and no worries- you will kick butt shedding those pounds when you have the little joy around!

swayze said...

i like heather's idea about force feeding brad. need me to make some high calorie super sugary somthing and send it his way? i love you, you are beautiful- and we can kick some insanity out as soon as that little stud muffin comes out to see his aunt swayze

Allie @ Table for 3, Actually Make that 4 said...

haha I just read everyone else's comments...mean girls comes to mind where they feed her that high calorie bar...get him that! :) Husbands should have to gain weight too! I mean come on!:)

chasingzebras said...

You look AMAZING and you're perfectly on target, but I hear what you're saying. Would be weird to look down and see a number bigger than it's ever been and know it should get bigger. It'll be okay though! Hopefully breastfeeding will work out and you won't even have to work to get weight off :)

Mateya said...

Honestly this is something I struggle thinking about and I am NOT even pregnant!

It is so selfish of me, but I have been working really hard lately to get to a comfortable weight and get nervous thinking about getting pregnant and gaining a bunch of weight again and being at a place I do NOT want to be.

I totally undersdtand how this must be a struggle but you have to just think about the precious reward you get at the end! :)

And you always do look so great in your pictures!

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