Wednesday, March 30, 2011

major distraction.

No blog today due to the fact that I just discovered Pioneer Woman and cannot stop reading her 40-post love story to Marlboro Man.
-To clarify, I had heard the term "Pioneer Woman", but I didn't know what it/she was until yesterday when I finally just googled it. Obsessed.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sad, but love Dad.

Anyone else just having a terrible-no good day? When so much just piles on emotionally--ugh. Can't. take. it. I need to lay in bed all day and watch Real Housewives, A Baby Story and Teen Mom re-runs (or just leave the teev on the discovery health channel). Those things would make me feel better. And fried chicken. That always makes me happy.
This is how I feel....

And happy birthday Dad. I love you. You are the bestest daddy in the whole wide world. That is for real.

That's my cute parents in Italy last week. How adorable.

AND...maybe the Britney album will make me feel better. Help, Britney, help.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Not cool, Brit

So remember a month ago when my hubs and I went to Vegas? Yea, fun stuff.

Guess who is surprise performing there tonight?

That's right, people, the love of my life.

UGH ONE MONTH!!! I missed her by ONE MONTH!! I've still never seen her and loved her since Baby One More Time (well, I liked her on Mickey Mouse club too...just didn't know it was going to turn into a love-relationship).

I seriously just want to be her publicist....I think I could really get her back on track during the tough times aka "baldy" aka "k-fed" aka "jason alexander".

All of that aside, she's the So sad I am missing you, Brit-Brat. Good luck on your come back. I know it will happen. The world will realize what they are missing soon.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Award...woop woop!

I was so excited to check my inbox and see that I was awarded this by Amanda at The Beginning of Everything. Go check her out...she's pretty cool.

So the rule is, I tell you 7 facts about myself...Eww this could get boring! Here we go!

1. I HATE tomatoes. I mean, like with a firery passion. However, I do eat pizza/spaghetti sauce, chili, and salsa. It is different, I promise. I do NOT eat Hunts ketchup. It is liquid tomato. Yuck.

2. I was super obsessed with my sorority in college (Chi Omega). I even went to National Convention and thought it was "like, the funnest thing ever!". If this makes me cheesy and not cool, so be it.

3. My parents dated one month before they got engaged--he proposed because she broke up with him. They are still together 28 years later and more in love than ever. My sister and her husband were engaged after about 4 months of dating. My husband and I made it to 11 months (but they were long and we were ready!)

4. Both my hubs and I have eczema & BAD BAD allergies and I have terrible vision and asthma...our kids are doomed.

5. I'm obsessed with all babies--all colors, shapes, sizes. Like if you have one, don't come near me. I'll steal it.

6. My favorite blog is Enjoying the Small Things by Kelle Hampton. Even at work when I see she has posted, I minimize it until I know I will be able to read the whole post and then I refill my coffee mug and settle in. She is inspiring. I laugh, I cry, I love.

7. My mother & I have a strange obsession with Halloween.

Thanks, Amanda! That was fun!! Go check her blog out, y'all!

I award this to:

Jill at Our Story

Megan at Across the Pond

Megan at Mackey Madness

Go check these girls out! Great reads!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Favorites

What I'm loving right now...

1. The weather. Now this might be pre-mature because who knows, we may have another cold front, but today, today is beautiful. And it makes me sad that I am inside at a cubicle... with no windows...

I did go home to let my sweet baby Kings out and sat in the sun enjoying a Subway sandwich :)

The weather makes me want to get out and do yard work. I am not too keen on yard work. I want my yard to be gorgeous, I just don't want to do it...

2. Blogging. I am enjoying it these days and looking forward to posting, but more so, I LOVE LOVE finding new reads. Comment if you want me to read yours. I love blogs with photography, fashion, babies, and even weight loss blogs. I just like the see the transformation and the women inspire me to be healthy (on weight watchers here...thanks). Its pretty awesome.

3. Weekends. Particularly this weekend. It is the St. Patty's day parade. Friends coming in town. Going to be a good time. And I'm thinking about (attempting) to make a green scarf tonight to wear. That is, if we don't do anything which I am thinking we won't since we are getting up and going EARLY in the AM.

4. My favorite lip gloss. Yes, I sell Mary Kay and No, I am not promoting (cause let's be honest, I don't really sell all that much). I seriously am just obsessed with putting this on everytime I get a chance.

Color: Melon Sorbet

5. My sewing class. Thursday nights. Love it. Its definately for beginners. We have so far sewn half a skirt and I am just so excited about it! I feel like a total goob, getting giddy for my -some may call boring- Thursday nights!

6. Zucchini. I could eat this veggie every single day. Grilled, baked, on the stove top...any way possible. YUM.


What are you loving right now?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The decision.

Thanks for all of the comments on the blog and on facebook, everyone! I am pretty positive I am going to do the lighter color. I primed the room last night and then painted again on the primed wall and put my furniture up against both colors. By the way, my furniture is a distressed white. It definately looks good with the darker color, but I wanted gray. And the dark color looks brown...which is still very pretty, but not what I wanted. I was worried about the furniture, but my best friend/interior designer assured me that the lighter gray is still darker than the furniture so it works.

WHEW...I cannot tell you the stress in that decision. My mom came out in me...I am very sure I will have a new zit coming soon from this. This has caused me much grief. Oh the little things in life...

Besides for painting, I am loving spring...I wish it would just STAY! It has been cold this week, but Saturday, well Saturday was beautiful. And look at my cute herbs and pansies :)




I am going to get some tulips to plant behind the pansies for next year. Pretty pretty.

Monday, March 14, 2011

What do YOU think?

Real quick y'all... working on our bedroom. I've been planning on painting it gray for MONTHS...bought furniture that would go with gray and am just now getting to it. Painted the trim yesterday, tonight will prime, and tomorrow night...PAINT. Which color?? I think I like the dark better....not sure. What do you think??


HELP!!! Look again...


Friday, March 11, 2011


I'm grindin' for my state. And State.

Are you?

Just got major teary eyed. This is awesome.

Happy Hour.

So I just came across this blog today and like what today's post had to say. It is called Happy Hour as you can see. All you do is enter the party, visit the blogs that are joined in the party, comment on them, and then go back to Love Is Home Blog and comment to her what your two favorite blogs are. I absolutely LOVE this idea since I am new to blogging. It is a way to interact and find great new reads!

This week has been busy and wonderful....

Tuesday was my monthly bunko night. It is a good time to talk, play, and see everyone's beautiful homes. Personally, this Tuesday night bunko just made me want to decorate my house...

Wednesday was interesting. Long story short...I went to take my boss' car to get his oil changed (yes, I do this) and I started looking around the lot. This wasn't a crazy instant decision, people--Hubs & I have been looking for me a car. My baby, Fonda the Honda has been with me EIGHT wonderful years, but it was time. So I got THIS. Love, love, love...did I say love? I am obsessed.

Thursday was my first beginners sewing class. It is a six week class that is two hours long. We are going to learn the basics of sewing while making a skirt and top. I am super excited about this. I will definately keep you all updated on how it is going. So far, so good. We got our supply list and talked about what we will be doing. Homework--> find our fabrics, bring supplies back and our sewing machines. Cannot wait to learn this wonderful craft :)

And today is Friday...we have no plans just yet. Hopefully it will warm up again. I am ready for this Mississippi weather to figure out what it wants to do and I am hoping that means SUN.

So if you are a blogger...head on over to Love is Home and check out Happy Hour. Tonight I'm drinking some Pinor Noir that's unopened if it stays chilly. If it is warm, I'll open my favorite Sam Adams Noble Pills.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Little Mush

I feel like I should blog because well, a year ago today Brad proposed. And now here we are..married 6 months. This proposal included some dom perignon, my favorite thing on the planet-->carrot cake, a fireplace, ruth chris dinner beforehand, lots of screams, perfect ring. All summed up as...sweetness. It was sweet, warm, and thoughtful and my life changed that day. That is when I started saying "we" instead of "me" or "I". It's weird how that happens. You cannot be selfish anymore. Well, you can and we are, but not like before. All I wanted was to move to Chicago and work for a marketing/advertising firm and go to concerts and dress up a lot and walk everywhere. And now I am totally okay with the fact that I still live here in the south--in the state I swore I'd never live, no less--and it is perfect. It where I am supposed to be and I cannot imagine life anywhere else with anyone else. I really can't. And when I talk to people that think I am too young to be so settled and so "boring", all I can say is that I love our life. I love the life that me and B are building. I like coming home, cooking, playing with the pup, and watching Friday Night Lights season 1 on Netflix. That is not to say that we do not enjoy going out occasionally--because we do. And I look forward to summer nights and cold beer followed by football season with the smell of whiskey (that I do NOT drink but it reminds me of football anyway). I love seeing my girlfriends and I will forever miss my family, hometown, college, and my sorority (can't help it). But its different now. You know that ridiculous saying "Its not where you are, but who you're with". Well dangit, its true. And it is annoying and you don't ever think you will be this mushy. And then it happens and you are. If you are still reading...bravo...hopefully one day you will feel this way or already have and hopefully you won't stop reading my blog because of this post.

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