Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How Could I Forget?

I may have gotten myself an early Christmas present this year...my sewing machine.

Isn't he sweet to model the apron I made?! Literally the first and only thing I've sewn. I got cheap, ugly, pre-package fabric, but I am just practicing and TEACHING MYSELF. What a mess, but fun! I am almost ready for the new year so I can have a little down time to really dive in!

Can't wait to use these fabrics...next stop...wine bag! (or scarf...not sure!) Ha

Catching up on the Best Time of the year

Our first Christmas as a married couple was wonderful...our home was filled love, food, and fun.

That is my beautiful Memaw and mom. Sadly, Dad and Jared couldn't make it. But I am so glad they could come spend Christmas Day and the night with us!

Brad's dad, Terry and Uncle holding their grandbabies. Terry's quote: "I'll take what I can get".

Our Dirty Santa tradition with Brad's mom's side of the family gets really funny. Sorry, got Kris at a scary shot! (Hey, he did bring a macheti (sp) as his dirty Santa gift)

My buddy, Caden. She is too cute.
And Kainsley. 6 weeks old! We all just stared at her for hours.

Coen was loving the singing pig!

Pop gave all the men guns. They were excited.

Brother in law, Derrick, doing what he does best...making yummy food!

Awwww...I had a stocking at my in laws.

Sweet Kingsley was trying to help clean up.

Brad got me a Kinect for Christmas with the Dance Central game...we cannot stop playing it! And sadly, I am sore....need to get in shape. Bad. (He also got me a Nikon D3000 which some of these pictures were taken on)

Merry Christmas from my Boys :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas with the Godfrey's

December 10th we had our First Christmas Party!! It was so fun...we are definately going to make it an annual thing.

My bestest friends :) So glad we all got to get together...Minus Mary & Nat.

Dirty Santa

Bob & Kel

My wonderful Hubs

Katie, Ellie & Swayz

Two of our weekend house guests, Derick & Kari. Love them!

The best gift of the night....Then Richard stole it!

Thanks everyone for coming!! We had so much fun! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hello, Santa?

Hello, Santa if you are listening.... I only want two things this year. I hope you are listening.
First, the Canon Rebel XS. It is a great starter camera so I've heard and read. I want one super bad. My Santa has gotten many an email telling him about this super great camera :)
Whew, its a beauty.
Next, I would like.............
a sewing machine. Any kind will probably do. Most likely the simplest kind. I cannot sew....at all...not a button or a hem. The only thing I've ever made is a pair of pajama pants and a pillow in Home-Ec in 6th grade. Terrible. But this is truly my goal for 2011....

Because I have an inspiration....to make children's clothing. (Picture below is the CUTEST child ever, Hazel, and the outfit her MOM, Elise, made for her)!

My other inspirations is this blog: http://browniegoosefall.blogspot.com/. I would love to post pics, but I cannot choose just one. You must go look at this woman's blog. My friend knows her and I am just in complete AWE.
Seriously, it does not get ANY CUTER.
So that's all I want, Santa...PRETTY PLEASE?!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving FUN!

Thanksgiving was crazy but wonderful. Brad, Kingsley and I hit the road after work Wednesday afternoon. I have hilarious pictures of Brad and my sweet Dad a few short hours after we arrived ...sleeping in their chairs...but they would kill me!
Thursday morning, we headed to Fortpayne, AL to see my Great Aunt, Uncle, Cousins and their PRECIOUS babies!! (well, kids...Anderson and Elizabeth aren't tiny babies anymore!)
Friday--back to MS to Kosiusko for Brad's side of the family, EGG BOWL Saturday then back to Kosiusko Sunday! Whew!! Here are some shots from our crazy holiday!!
We sat on the front row 5o yard line..AMAZING! And we might have gone on the field after the big win :) HAIL STATE!!!
This is what happens when you get someone from Ole Miss to set up your tailgate. It was funny because everyone under our 2 Ole Miss tents had Maroon on!

Brad being goofy in Fortpayne with my camera..he's a cutie.

Anna and Bailey playing with their Christmas bath toys my mom gave them. They are the cutest! Cousins only 5 weeks apart!

Anderson and Elizabeth taking Brad for a ride! See how much he enjoyed it :)

We had Bailey's first birthday after Thanksgiving lunch. How sweet are the decorations her Aunt (my cousin), Brett made!

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