Sunday, August 14, 2011

First Baby Shower

This weekend was my first baby shower. It was amazing, overwhelming, emotional....perfect. We have wonderful friends and family that support us and we appreciate it so much.

me and my mama

my mama & my mother in law...I have two great mom's to look up to

college (chi omega love...pref night is tonight...I had to say it)

the girls that gave us our awesome stroller! (maris, amye & katie weren't there...but THANK Y'ALL!)

sweet friends Lisa & Lauren

Our cousin Heather and her baby Kainsley...she will be exactly one year older than Wyatt...can't wait til they get to play together!
Is this not so creative and cute? My MIL made a bassinet out of a watermelon!
The shower was adorable and there were so many cute decorations and treats. I did not get as many pictures of all the decor as I would have liked and I definitely didn't get pictures with all of my friends that were there! The hostesses got us the changing table that goes perfectly in the nursery. Tomorrow I will post pictures of the nursery so far. It is beyond anything I imagined. My mama is so talented! I cannot stop going in there just to is officially my favorite room in the house.

I've been playing with the spacing on this for an hour...I don't understand why blogger is so terrible when it comes to spacing!!


Heather said...

How much fun! It looks like a wonderful shower.

Ellen said...

is it just me or do our faces look distorted in the pics??? ha! oh well! love you baby mama!

Amber Marie said...

How adorable!!! Love that you had a sweet time with your sweet friends! The decor is so cute.

P.S. Do you have Windows live writer? It will save your sanity. It's a free download and posts straight to blogger only it's ten times easier and faster.

Adriel (The Mommyhood Memos) said...

oh, this looks just perfect! what a great day. and i can't believe the watermelon bassinet! what a fab, creative idea!! my only question is... where the heck is your bump?! you look so small!! :)

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