Friday, September 30, 2011

Inside the cabinets…

So one of my best friends is having her wedding showers  this weekend.  So of course when I went to get her gifts, I looked through everything in the store.   It made me realize how much I LOVE my own pottery and everyday plates.  She is actually registered for the same pottery I have.  

Isn’t it beautiful?


picture via  (I googled images and it actually came up from a friend’s blog.  Check her out!)

I use the salad/lunch plate and serving pieces, salt & pepper shakers, etc of this.  It is called Good Earth Pottery.  The pattern is Bluebird and  the best part? It is made in Mississippi.  That is one great thing about Mississippi…we know how to make some gorgeous pottery.

My “everyday” dishes are Casafina Impressions in Mocha.  So I have my plates, bowls, mugs in this and if I were to set my table all pretty the blue bird lunch plate would sit on top of my Casafina plate….but who does that in real life??  Okay, some people do…


See?  Pretty….


What are your dishes?  I loooove dishes…#confession.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Technical Difficulties

My laptop is not working which means I can not upload my photos which means I have not blogged.

Let’s face it, most people aren’t interested in photo-less blog post.  And I really want to share something yummy that I cooked.  So I will do that as soon as the computer is back up and running.  Someone is going to look at it at work (I work for an IT company…I figure someone can at least tell me what’s wrong with it).  By the way, it is just a white screen…that is all.

So update: 32 WEEKS

- My little man is 4 lb 5 oz…44th percentile :)

- He has HAIR….how sweet.

- I lost a pound…YAY.  Total gain: 24 lbs.  ( I am suppose to gain 25-35 and I have 7.5 weeks left…I’m good) How  I did this---I am guessing not eating frozen pizza for lunch everyday and ice cream every night.  That will do it.  I’ve cooked more and eaten leftovers for lunch.  Definitely have not eaten any less.

-He is still head down.  Good boy!

- I’m not sleeping much at all.  It is super uncomfortable and this whole week it has stormed all night; therefore Kingsley has barked all.night.long.every.night. no exaggeration.  I think he is trying to prepare me for motherhood.  It’s working.

What the weeks ahead look like:

- this weekend:  my Mary’s couples shower & bridal shower

-Oct 8-9: My showers in Eastaboga (family) and Birmingham

-Oct 15-16:  I sold my football ticket so I can RELAX

-Oct 22: Mary’s wedding (bridesmaid)

-Oct 29: Swayze’s wedding (bridesmaid)

Then I am happy for this baby to make his entrance…I will be 37 weeks at Swayze’s wedding.  We are so excited and I think we are just ready for him at this point!  It is so crazy to wait so long for something and now it is so close.  It is a relief to know that he is 4 and a half pounds and that a lot of babies are born weighing a lot less than that and make it just fine.  This makes me feel safe and blessed.

Here’s Brad at our last childbirth class last night.  He’s in the middle racing to undress a baby, change diaper, dress him back, swaddle, and feed him.  His team did not win but he was the best in his group!! He has also never fed or changed a real newborn…Oh Lord.


Monday, September 19, 2011


I feel like the countdown has truly begun.  I’m 31 weeks now…meaning less than 9 weeks left!  This weekend I washed baby clothes and blankets just in case anything happens earlier than we expect.  I just need to wash the sheets, changing table cover, and if he gets anymore outfits at the shower in October.

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG


Brad’s sweet great Aunt threw us a luncheon shower on Saturday.  We got some great stuff.  Finally some BOTTLES, more diapers and wipes, clothes, pacis, blankets, and the tray to go on the bumbo.  He has a few pairs of socks now so that’s exciting,  ha!  We still need some things, but if he came today, we would be just fine.  Mama does need to buy him a swaddle blanket though.  Speaking of Mama…


That’s right, there is the dress I wear all the time.  So comfy…can’t help it!  I can’t imagine getting any bigger, but Lord knows I will.  I am really trying to eat better.  I haven’t been eating so well and my doctor only wants me to gain 10 more lbs—which seems like a TON to me---but at the pace I am gaining let’s just pray he comes a week or two early (only if he is healthy)!

I’m most definitely in the uncomfortable stage.  I barely slept AT ALL on Friday night.  I wake up multiple times a night and it feels like it takes an act of God to switch positions in the bed.  I don’t think I ever just feel good anymore.  Back aches, ribs ache, hurts to bend over to pick up anything.  As of today, I am only wearing my engagement ring because my wedding ring is smaller and sooo tight.  It will all be worth it though.            

Can’t wait to see that sweet face.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I’m alive.

Hey blog world!  I am alive and very pregnant.  I just really haven’t had the energy at all to post. 

We hosted a couples shower for my lovely friends, Swayze and Will, at our home this past Saturday night.  I’ll post some pictures at some point even though they are mostly on my phone and not very good.  My camera is acting funny…oh wait, it is probably just that I don’t know how to use itHELP PLEASE (nikonD3000)!Leading up to the shower I cleaned a lot.  I feel like I could clean my house everyday for the rest of my life and it wouldn’t feel clean.  Does anyone else have this problem?  I don’t know what it is…maybe because it is an older house and I feel like carpet looks dirty always (no offense to anyone… I obviously have lots of carpet). 

I cannot believe I am already 30 weeks pregnant.  And at the same time I cannot believe I am only 30 weeks pregnant.  I am so ready to see our sweet baby boy and not be pregnant.   Just being honest.  I’ve had a great pregnancy—don’t get me wrong—but I’m getting bigger and bigger which is super uncomfortable.  And sleep, well, sleep is not easy….neither is bending over to attempt to shave my legs. If you know me at all, you also know that I am stressed and anxious beyond imagine.  It is who I am---can’t help it…I don’t know what relax means (says hubs).

Here is a picture of me & B in our Maroon Friday gear two fridays ago.  It was the first game of the season and we kicked Memphis’ butt.  If only I could say the same about Auburn this weekend.  I cannot talk about it except to say I have always been an Auburn fan (being from Alabama) but they got lucky big time….and a lot little help from the refs.  UGH.


I’d say I’m slightly bigger (3 lbs) than that pic.  I feel like I’m extremely bigger though.

Pretty pumped I get to go to my first game this season on Thursday….driving to Starkville for the night to play LSU.  It may not end well, but we sure will have a good time and see lots of friends!  …and be stupid tired driving back at midnight.  We do what we must for our DAWGS.

Tonight is our second childbirth class. Last week, I left with my chin on the floor after watching an extremely granola-crunchy-hippie childbirth.  Let’s just say I am still very much on board with accepting all the drugs they want to give me.  Which reminds me…please go watch the SNL natural childbirth skit



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