Monday, July 11, 2011

We fought the fire!

Hey..I'm back and not crazy anymore. I think the mental health day totally helped. Or just being with my family in my favorite place (home) helped. We did have quite the crazy event happen on Friday night though.

So we literally sit on our screened in porch at my parents house the whole time we are there. It what we do. We relax, drink coffee or wine, (me not so much the latter two anymore) and talk. My dad was gone to get dinner and my mama, Brad and I were sitting out there. We went inside for a quick second. Like--2 minutes at the most--no joke. Luckily my dad came home right then and started screaming. We ran to the back of the house to see the porch on FIRE. A candle had somehow caught the wicker side table on fire and it was flaming to the CEILING of the room. I called 911 and my parents and Brad were trying everything to get it out. A neighbor came over with two brooms and they managed to pull it off the deck and throw it over the balcony. This got the fire out of the porch, but which they were sliding it something fell and caught my mom's foot on fire. Her WHOLE foot. 2nd degree burn. 7 hrs in the ER. Scariest night of my life to date. For reals.

I was on the phone with 911 the whole time sounding like the biggest redneck. The fire dept was probably warned they were about to pull up to a trailer park with us in our robes and curlers. The lady kept telling me to get out of the house. Here is a very abbreviated version of our phone conversation. Imagine a lot more screaming and a heavy Alabama twang.

911 Lady: "Where are you?"

Me: "In the house"

911 Lady: "Get everyone and get out of the house"

Me: "Ok!" Scream Scream

911 Lady: "Are yall out of the house"

Me: "No! We're fightin' the fire!!" (seriously I said this)

911 Lady: "Get everyone and get out of the house!"


911 Lady: "Please calm down and get out of the house"

Me: "No! We fought the fire and its out...but send the paramedics!!!"

I hung up on her. She called back. This conversation went like this for 10 minutes.

I'm telling you...when you are in a scary situation, you're accent comes out. There is no hiding it. I am mortified if anyone else ever hears this. I will NEVER make fun of a 911 call on the news again. Ever.

*Everyone is ok. The porch...well, it will be ok. Mama's foot will be fine in a few weeks. My sister is going to stay with them this week to help out.


Jamie said...

Oh no! Glad everything will be okay!

Nicole said...

WOW! That's crazy! And I couldn't help but laugh at your phone conversation. I know I would sound like the biggest idiot!

Amanda said...

I'm glad everyone's OK! I had to call 911 once when my mom was choking, and when you're panicking, you don't think straight! Glad you're feeling better (I was pissed about Casey Anthony's verdict too... seriously WTH?!)

chasingzebras said...

This is nuts! I am terrible about leaving candles lit. I will be more careful from now on. Oh and I laughed out loud all by my lonesome @ "No, we're fightin' tha fire!!!" ha ha ha ha ha. Glad y'all are ok!

Amanda said...

OMG Kaitlin! This sounds terrifying!!! I'm glad you are all okay though, minus your mom's foot being burned. Hopefully you can have a better week.

Heather said...

First, I am so sorry your mom was hurt!! I'm so glad she'll be okay though.

Second, bahahaha! That 911 operator probably thought you were insane! We're fighting the fire. I hope you added that you were pregnant in there somewhere.

Mateya said...

Oh my gosh, crazy! Glad your mom is going to be alright!

Jill said...

I feel terrible that I have LAUGHED OUT LOUD for the entire post because this is a tragic situation to laugh at {and I'm so glad everyone is ok, seriously} but you. are. hilarious. and I love your itty bitty baby bump!!!!

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