Friday, July 1, 2011

Ranty Friday

Sometimes I get super annoyed with people.

Like the other day when I was at Motherhood Maternity. The sales associate was literally the worst worker I had ever seen. Preg lady (me) was carrying like 50 shirts and dresses and she never once asked if she could start a room for me. (Also I am the only one in the store) Then when I asked her a question about the hem on something she just kind of stares off and says "hmm..thats weird". That was her response. Are you kidding me? Give me an "I don't know" or something.

Then I started thinking...who works there? I mean I would love to work there now...discounts! Hello! But mostly, you work at clothing stores for discounts so there is always cute teens or 20-somethings. But who works at maternity stores when you are only pregnant for a certain amount of time...the discount becomes useless. There is my mind for you.

And I am always critical of sales people. I know this is because of growing up working in retail then being a manager at a Target (woohoo). Customer service is just really important and I don't understand how people get away with being rude and clueless.

I am also mad that I have no money and I just want to buy cute little boy clothes from Zulily. I'm thinking about unsubscribing. It just makes me sad.

End rant. Sorry.

So glad its FRIDAY.

I am obsessed with Becky's giveaway and I want it so bad. So do not enter it.


Mateya said...

What a rude sales person, and you're right...who would work there? No thanks.

Hope you found some cute stuff!

I'm not even pregnant and I am obsessed with Zulily...such cute stuff!

Amanda said...

Totally feel you on that one! I worked in retail for many, many years and loved it! But the important thing is to always help the customer. I'm sorry you had a bad experience :(

Bon Bon said...

I agree about customer service, (I grew up in a business-owning family), and it always drives me crazy when someone is rude like that. I've been browsing the local maternity/baby consignment shops lately: amazing prices on high-end merchandise! xoxo

Nicole said...

Hey, there! I found you through the post that Megan did about the blogger meet-up! I'm the gal she's teaming up with to put it all together and I just wanted to say hello! I hope we get to meet in a few weeks! Looking forward to following your blog!

Oh, and I don't think I could ever work at a maternity store... seeing cute preggos all the time would make the baby fever worse. :)

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