Tuesday, July 19, 2011

22 weeks...and last chance to enter giveaway!

Can I get a pregnancy update?!

I went to the Doctor yesterday and was utterly shocked when she told me how much weight I'd gained. Seriously, jaw hit floor. I was wearing shoes. I ate a footlong sub for lunch (eeek). It was 4:00 in the afternoon. No excuses. It was sick...but I know, I know, I cannot think that way. There is a beautiful baby growing inside of me and it's expected. My sweet doctor had to remind me that I am over halfway through with the pregnancy and this number is not at all shocking...the shocking part is that it's normal.

How far along: 22 weeks

Size of baby: Papaya? I'm over the food references.

Total weight gain: 16 lbs...wow, I said it. And it is everywhere...not just a cute big belly. My arms...ohhhhemmmmgeeee.

Maternity Clothes: Thank goodness for my mama. She bought me some for my birthday (that is actually July 29). So thankful! I needed them and I wear them daily. Can still wear some non-mat shirts.

Gender: BOY

Movement: I feel him move for a few minutes every day. I love it. It is so weird and amazing. He just topples around in there for a few minutes straight and then I like to imagine he gets comfy and goes to sleep.

Sleep: Fine. I just have to pee numerous times in the middle of the night. Every time I wake up I have to go.

What I miss: Nothing really. Still would like a cold beer, but you all know this.

Cravings: is everything an answer? I'm just hungry all the time.

Symptoms: Haven't had a migraine in a while...hoping I don't jinx myself!!

What I am looking forward to: the hubs painting the nursery! and tomorrow he is telling me our little boy's name!! We have two names. We are deciding what order they will go in and whichever name is his first name, that is what he will be called. I love them both so much that I am letting Brad decide. He said he will have a decision tomorrow! So excited!!

You still have today to enter the giveaway. You have a great shot at winning! Ha....first giveaway...I'm cool with that :)


Becca said...

I love that your craving everything..I think I'll be the same way...I love food waaaay too much!

And seriously--you look great! Every picture you post I think "wow, she hasn't gained any weight!" Sooo, maybe the doc is wrong ;) Or maybe it was the shoes...haha!

Excited for you!

Mateya said...

Can't wait to hear his name...you will be sharing right?! :)

Heather said...

I seriously doubt you look like you've gained anywhere else! You always look so cute in the pictures you share!

I hope you're sharing the name too!

Megan said...

I bet you are still totally adorable!!

Amber Marie said...

no feeling guilty! you are hauling a whole other human :)

chasingzebras said...

16 pounds is not bad!!! Anywhere between 25-35 total for the entire pregnancy is right on target so you're fine! And you look great! Can't wait to hear the name...

Amanda said...

Yay for the update! I feel like 16lbs isn't that much when you have a baby growing inside you.

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