Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What is wrong with me?

Why, dear sweet Lord, why am I obsessed with these terrible shows?

Teen Mom

Teen Mom 2

16 & Pregnant

whatever the next genius title may be...Teen Mom 3?

I know, I know, it is terrible. Tuesday night comes and my poor hubby knows to leave the room or let me leave the room and go watch in the bedroom (usually the latter--my show apparently does not deserve a flat screen. whatev.)

But what is it about them?? Is it just the whole watching a train wreck thing...you know where you drive by a car accident and you have to turn your head and see what is going on. You have to. You do it too...do NOT lie to me. You do it, right?

I'm really not a horrible person...I am always praying the people involved are ok. Really for serious.

Please someone tell me I am not alone in the teen mom drama. I don't think it is a funny show. I actually cry on occasion whether I am just heartbroken over their tragic situations or when Corey and Leah got married (Ok, yeah so what, they are divorcing you say? I don't believe it).

And honestly, I do not at all -whatsoever- think that these shows glorify teen pregnancy. And if there are teenagers out there that are trying to get pregnant to get on this show, they are idiots because baby girl, the show is going to end. And you got what, $50k? That is not going to last all that long. You still need a job.

If anything, this show makes me realize how sacred motherhood is and how mature you need to be to handle it. I was not that mature at 15, 16, even 20. No way. It pains me sometimes to see the episodes of say, Janelle, and know that she was given the most precious gift of all and does not appreciate it (as the show portrays)---knowing that I have friends that just hope and pray for a precious child one day. It does lift me up, however, to see sweet Leah who loves her girls or Maci who leaves the useless dad-- She knew he was no good.

Ok. End rant. I was just trying to say I cannot stop watching this show. BLAH. Sorry.


Joelle said...

Oh, you are definitely not alone. I can't help it either. I love these shows...you're right, it's like a train wreck {and yes, I look too}.

Your last point, where you say that they don't appreciate their precious gift, really hits home with me, because that's exactly what I think too. It's so hard to watch these girls, and know that their children aren't going to be given lives that they deserve, because their parents aren't ready to be parents.

That being said, however, it doesn't always turn out to be a bad situation. My mother in law had my husband when she was only fourteen years old, and now he's getting his PhD at twenty-two.

Anyway, thanks for posting this. Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday friend!


Raven said...

You are NOT alone! I am obsessed with all of those. See every episode. And you know what? It is the worst show EVER! Those people just make me sick to my stomach. Some of them? Well, most ALL of them are so dang immature and selfish and I get so mad and riled up when I watch those shows but I can't miss them! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

Asha said...

LOL I'm totally on the bandwagon too! When I was in highschool I would never waste my time watching them but now I keep getting pulled back in and I hate it! BTW I'm your newest follower :)


Amy and Jay said...

Corey and Leah are getting a divorce?? Ugh. I hate that! :)

Totally addicted...and I also "look".

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