Monday, April 4, 2011

Femme Fatale

Okay I hate to sound like a Britney Blog because that I am not, but I talked so much about my anticipation of the Britney album that I must give a review of sorts. It is weird how nervous and worried I was about hearing it because I'd heard mixed reviews....well here is mine.

By the way, my sweet husband brought it home to me the day it came out. Awwww :)

...It is not the best. BUT it is not awful. It is different and it's growing on me. It is straight up techno in da seriously, you could just give the CD to a DJ and he doesn't have to work for an hour. One plus, no ballads. I love me some old school Brit, but let's be honest, baby girl cannot sing a good ballad. It is just not her strong point. She is here to make us dance, feel young, and feel a little sexy while we are singing in our cars.

High Points: Till the World Ends, Inside Out, Drop Dead Beautiful, Trouble for Me, I Wanna Go

Low Points: Gasoline? (the name itself), Trip to Your Heart (semi-ballad)

The other songs, I'm just ok with....was expecting more from Big Fat Bass ft., but it isn't terrible.

So overall, I am not upset with the album. Yes, it could have been better, but I still want to see her in concert in JULY in NEW ORLEANS...please, HUBS, please!!!!!! (or friends, you know its my bday month!!! Make my dream come true)

**And a side note** If you want to hear a great Brit album, SERIOUSLY BAD A, go buy Black Out circa 2007. My favorite Britney album EVER. Unfortunately, it came out right as she shaved her head and divorced K-Fed so no one noticed her genius-amazing album that could have shot her straight back to number one. Yea, I am pretty bitter about it.

Doesn't she look WAY more gorgeous on the Femme Fatale cover?? See, things are looking up!

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Taylor, Kellie, Morgan, and Millie said...

This post made mine and my sister's day :)

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