Friday, March 25, 2011

Not cool, Brit

So remember a month ago when my hubs and I went to Vegas? Yea, fun stuff.

Guess who is surprise performing there tonight?

That's right, people, the love of my life.

UGH ONE MONTH!!! I missed her by ONE MONTH!! I've still never seen her and loved her since Baby One More Time (well, I liked her on Mickey Mouse club too...just didn't know it was going to turn into a love-relationship).

I seriously just want to be her publicist....I think I could really get her back on track during the tough times aka "baldy" aka "k-fed" aka "jason alexander".

All of that aside, she's the So sad I am missing you, Brit-Brat. Good luck on your come back. I know it will happen. The world will realize what they are missing soon.


Proud as a Peacock said...

AHH!! I didnt know you loved her too!! Daniel always gets so embarrassed to buy me her CDs for Christmas presents :) but i beg and beg and he gives in! in fact...i do believe i will jam out to Brit on the way home today...thanks for the inspiration friend

Heather said...

Love her! I've never seen her in concert. I think it'd be awesome.

Megan said...

Awww, I love Brit!! I have never seen her in concert either. BOO!!

Raven said...

I KNOW!!!!! I LOVE LOVE Britney! I was thisclose to seeing her in Seattle and actually MEETING here there, no joke. Didn't happen, but I would LOVE to see her perform in Vegas. If I had the money, I would private jet it over to the Palms RIGHT NOW!!

Kristin said...

wow. you know i love you sister, but wow :)

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