Thursday, June 23, 2011

Seriously Thursday

Linking up to Becky...she is a favorite. How could she not be? Have you seen her gorgeous baby girl? Ugh...perfection.

Seriously...we are having a BOY! Can I just scream it again?! WOO HOO. But honestly, I am just so glad to know either way. I am a planner. And now I get to plan.

Seriously...the room our little boy will be in is hunter green and has deer wallpaper border. It was my husbands old room (we bought my in-laws home) and while I love my mother in law DEARLY, she knows how I feel about her leaving this room behind for me. Let's just say there is a lot to be done. Hopefully I will remember to post a picture of this lovely room.

Seriously...I didn't get my Sunday paper this week. I was too distracted with Monday's events. No couponing awesomeness for me. I'll get back in the game next week. No worries.

Seriously...the boy is completely sideways. The doc told me this is the most uncomfortable position he could possibly be in for me. Wonderful. That explains a lot. I love you son, but seriously, let's turn. Preferably head down. Thanks boo. favorite name spells the initials HOG. I am super sad about this and thinking I may have some more thinking to do. I don't want to scar the kid before he even has a chance to be cool in middle school.

Sorry if you are bored that these are all (minus one) about the pregnancy/baby. It is kind of my life right now.

And how is it Thursday already?


Amanda said...

Congrats on finding out the sex of your little one! Hopefully you fix that "HOG" issue...

Mateya said...

HOG isn't so could be worse :)

Our house had some ridiculous wallpaper borders in it when we moved in too...glad we took care of that!

Heather said...

Do kids really bother with initials anymore? My brother's real first name is Donald (he doesn't go by it) and the kids call him Donald Duck but he thinks it's funny. I think it's all in the kid's personality.

Laura Darling said...

Congratulations on a little boy!

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