Thursday, June 2, 2011

Seriously Thursday

Linking up with Becky on one of my favorite blogs From Mrs. to Mama...

1. Seriously...I had to go to the doctor this morning because it made me cry to walk yesterday. My right HIP hurts that bad. Found out its higher than the other hip so with my bones being all stretched and softened or whatever they are, its hurting to put pressure on my uneven hip.

2. Seriously, the cure: heating pad, warm bath, and this weird stretch. AKA no cure.

3. Seriously, my yard needs mowing. HUSBAND!! and the weeds are unstoppable...yuck.

4. Seriously, I love Glee. I have one more episode of season one to watch tonight (out of 22 episodes). I haven't been able to stop thinking about the finale of season 2-Rachel + Finn= love. I need it to come on DVD asap so I can re-watch them all. It just makes me relive my show choir days except we seriously couldn't dance.

5. Seriously, we find out if this little bug is a boy or a girl in 2 WEEKS. Seriously?!?! I'm really pregnant?? Still in shock...don't think that will ever end.


Jill said...

Oh no Kaitlin! Your hip issue sounds terrible! Keep us updated. And yes, I am still in shock that you're pregnant- well, not really- nevermind. haha

Amanda said...

I can't wait to see what you find out about the gender! I never got into Glee, but I think I might have to soon. =)


Stevie Leigh said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and love, love, love it. So cute.

YES to Glee and CONGRATS on your little one!

- S from Following the Walkers

Mateya said...

I had that same hip pain before! You should definitely try a Chiropractor...he basically pulled my one leg, it cracked, and they were magically the same length again and no more pain!

I LOVE Glee too! :) So fun!

Becca said...

So glad you love Glee :) It seriously makes me so happy when I watch it-haha! I have the same hip problem...the chiropractor worked in high school, but now I have an insert in my shoe that he gave me that works great. I only use it in my tennis shoes, but it helps a TON when I run/work out. It's a hard rubber insert, about 1/4" tall. Maybe they can give you one? Other than that...yep, nothing you can really do!

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