Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Pain

All writing in no pictures makes for a boring post...sorry :(

So this week has been intense so far...and I do mean painfully intense. I'm having migraines. Like constantly. This may be my payback for not having morning sickness. But geez!! Bring on the nausea please, headaches are TERRIBLE. I can only take Tylenol and let me tell ya, that is not the good stuff. So I've been going home after work (and yesterday for 3 hrs during work) and laying in the dark. So fun.

Also, I went to go get "fitted" for a bridemaids dress for my dear friend, Swayze's wedding.

It will be 3 weeks to the day before my due date. I love her so much and it means so much that I am there for her big day just like she was for mine. That being said, I cannot even say outloud what size I ordered in the maternity bridesmaid dress. We just don't know what size I will be. And it cost over $150 more the the original dress and that is with me changing my dress completely. At first they were going to give me the dress the other girls had and rebuild the skirt (cz there is not maternity size). That was going to cost a whopping $450. oh my lawd.

So before we pull out the big bucks, we are going to check with the Doc on Monday and see if she thinks it is a good idea to even be in the wedding (ahhh that makes me so sad to think about!!) Swayze is the best and the last thing she wants is for me to pay all that money and not even get to be in the wedding if I go into labor. So I'll know for sure what's going to happen next week.


Heather said...

Awww...It would be said you not be in the wedding, but you have to do what's best for you & baby!

Amanda said...

Hopefully you'll get to be in the wedding! Better to be prepared with a dress AND save a little moola!

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