Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New blog...almost done!

Like my new blog??

Amanda from The Beginning of Everything is working on it for me.

I won her giveaway--I never win anything!-- and I am loving how it is turning out.

She had me involved in the whole process.

I told her how my personality was, my likes, dislikes, etc... and I think she got it spot-on.

Thanks, Amanda, you're wonderful!

We spent the weekend at my in-laws because we flea bombed our house. You are suppose to leave for two hours so we went over to their pool Saturday. Then we got scared it would be bad for me to be at the house so we ended up staying there.

Sunday we got the boat out for the first time this summer. It was great--until it poured rain and lightening on us!

B and his little bro getting the boat ready with their Dad...you can't see him...he is fixing the battery.

My hubs wakeboarding. The kid is good.
He hadn't done it in a year and he didn't fall once.
I, however, cannot even get up on skis or a wakeboard. ever.

Then having a beer because he was EXHAUSTED.

And now for the real fun....
Yesterday, I couponed again!
On $32.48 worth of stuff (which really that is the sale price...orginal price is more!),
I payed $14.76 AND got 10 ECBs back which is MONEY that I can use at CVS on my next trip.
So if ya wanna play it that way, I essentially paid $4.76 :)

And for any haters out there...I am not buying in bulk or buying ANYTHING I don't need.
Even if I see stuff I can get for free, I won't get it if we won't use it.
I'm also not sure if I am going to try to coupon at the grocery store yet.
It just seems way too complicated.
So far, I have just done CVS and only twice.
If I can get household items like this for cheap, then I feel like I am doing pretty well.


Heather said...

We went out on my dad's boat this weekend too! I also cannot get up on the skis or wakeboard. Just the kneeboard.

I LOVE your new blog design!!!

andrea n. townsend said...

Lady, this is looking EXCELLENT! And I'm way too scared (and, okay, lazy) to coupon. But you inspire me! Maybe I'll give it a shot.

Tatiana said...

I love the way your blog looks. It's so fresh and simple :-) I've been cuoponing for about 1month, and am already getting too lazy to do it. I also don't understand the entire process yet, so that makes it a lot harder :(

Jill said...

I love the new look Kaitlin!! I need a new "do" for mine... {How much does she charge?} And I'm so proud of your couponing skills!!

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