Friday, February 4, 2011


Random Friday...just for the sake of posting my random thoughts about the week.

We got home from Las Vegas Tuesday and it was SO GOOD to be home. Kingsley was a happy puppy to see us. I swear he knows us. And loves us. The laundry is slowly slimming down some. When we got home, I could barely close the laundry room door. Awful. Brad's friend, Tim, came to stay with us Wednesday night. Poor guy had to fly to New York (well, on vacay) Thursday morning, but didn't get out of Jackson until 4pm. How miz.

In typical Mississippi fashion, everyone is gearing up for the Storm of the Century (great Stephen King mini-series movie thing BTW). So when I sent the Hubs to the grocery last night after work, he did not arrive home until 8:55 pm. We just wanted to cook some new dishes this weekend...totally forgetting that 3/4 of Jackson would be buying a months supply of water. Opps. Sorry Brad, I love you.

Now that I do have my ingredients, I am looking forward to making a French Chicken Dish posted by my lovely friend, Jill Weatherford. Miss her much. Maybe having her recipe in my kitchen will almost be like she is here. Then tomorrow I am so excited to make chili. For some reason, chili just makes me happy. Makes me feel warm & cozy. Perfect for a cold Saturday and Season 4 of Dexter that we finally bought (just for you, Allison). If only we had season 4 of Mad Men. Best.Show.Ever.On.TV.....Ever.

I guess I should get back to working...I'll post the few pictures I did take in Vegas a little later. Have a great Friday everyone!

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