Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5 months later

We are heading to Las Vegas EARLY Friday morning for the Hub's business trip. We are both pretty excited since neither of us have ever been to Vegas. The only thing for sure I know I am doing is the Spa....yay:) Probably my most favorite thing in the world. Our appointment is booked for Sunday while the men are working...and by our, I mean me and my mother in law, Traci. Super excited about this. We are staying at the Palazzo.

The day we leave will be 5 months of marriage...so crazy. I don't know if it crazy because it doesn't seem like we have been married that long, or if it is crazy because I feel like we have been married forever. Either way, its been real. We're enjoying it thoroughly.

This is one of my favorite pics...(I am on the other side). Brad and I and our parents had a "huddle" before we left the reception. It was such a great memory! Lots of love! We literally have the best parents ever.

I'll post more from the wedding later...sometimes internet is not my friend and it is usually when I am uploading pictures. Boo.

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Taylor, Kellie, Morgan said...

Hooray for a new blog for me to read! How did I miss this?!? Have fun on your trip. I'm so jealous!

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