Monday, February 28, 2011

Fashion Police

Let me start this post by saying I am so blessed and happy to be married to the most wonderful, goofy, thoughtful man in the world for SIX months today. Sounds like a short time to some, but I love it and cannot wait for 50 more years...maybe more :)

And I'll cut the sappy. For a good reason. Red carpet. Thank goodness we got back from Birmingham (great trip by the way) just in time for the 83rd Academy Awards pre-show. Whew.

Start with worst...hmmm..Florence I love you, but you wore the same color to the Grammy's and it also happens to be the same color as your skin. I would love to see her in green. I mean, how stunning would she look with that hair!?

And this is just upsetting. Normally Nicole does no wrong, but what is this? Still a class act. I just can't explain the dress.

On to BEST. I am in love with Reese's dress. Is it just me or does she look better the older she gets?? And Halle, well, geez.

It could be because she is just glowing, but I personally think Natalie Portman has looked gorgeous at every awards show this season and she just continued it last night.

Michelle Williams looks amazing as always. She is just so beautiful and classic. I love her hair. Everything about this was perfect (although did anyone watch pre-show and think she might have been on something? SUPER weird). On the other end of the spectrum, Mila is just plain sexy.

And best dressed for me was..... HALLE BERRY. Stunning. As ALWAYS.

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