Friday, February 18, 2011

A mind running wild

Do you ever make to-do lists in your head? Well, I swear mine started Tuesday and has been running ever since. Something about warm weather makes me want to get things accomplished. This is my current to-do/wish list for this spring/summer. If I can just get these done...I will be such a happy camper.

First off, put some pictures, art, SOMETHING on my drab walls!! I love the black and white look. So romantic...

Paint our bedroom a shade of gray. I love gray. It is so clean and you can do so much with it. Our furniture is white and our bedspread is cream with deep plum sheets. I think it would be so calming....a safe-haven...which is what a bedroom is suppose to be.

Take an outdoor shelf and make it fabulous. I really want to keep fresh herbs at the house. It would be so much cheaper than buying them for one recipe and then they go bad! I did, however, kill a rosemary plant over Christmas, but I think if I focused I could do it! I have an iron shelf that my mother in law left behind in the move and if she doesn't want it, I definately want to spray paint it a fresh color.

Get some patio furntiure. I absolutely LOVE LOVE these chaises from Pottery Barn. I would put them in front of the hot tub where you can actually get some S-U-N. Oh sun...How I miss thee. We really need any sort of patio furniture. We are so lucky to have a great outdoor entertaining area. I would just spend my entire summer out there if I had something to sit on! :)

Paint our kitchen cabinets a dark brown. I know the trend is white these days, but to me, there is something about dark brown cabinets. It's so homey and classic. This is actually something that I am working on right now. Hopefully the painter will come in the next two weeks. I cannot wait! It is going to just transform our kitchen/house (he is also painting the bookshelf in the den). Currently all the wood in our house is an oak color--circa late 80's early 90's.

Oh! A dark brown is going to look so good with my orange kitchen walls! I cannot contain my excitement! I can taste it!!


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