Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving FUN!

Thanksgiving was crazy but wonderful. Brad, Kingsley and I hit the road after work Wednesday afternoon. I have hilarious pictures of Brad and my sweet Dad a few short hours after we arrived ...sleeping in their chairs...but they would kill me!
Thursday morning, we headed to Fortpayne, AL to see my Great Aunt, Uncle, Cousins and their PRECIOUS babies!! (well, kids...Anderson and Elizabeth aren't tiny babies anymore!)
Friday--back to MS to Kosiusko for Brad's side of the family, EGG BOWL Saturday then back to Kosiusko Sunday! Whew!! Here are some shots from our crazy holiday!!
We sat on the front row 5o yard line..AMAZING! And we might have gone on the field after the big win :) HAIL STATE!!!
This is what happens when you get someone from Ole Miss to set up your tailgate. It was funny because everyone under our 2 Ole Miss tents had Maroon on!

Brad being goofy in Fortpayne with my camera..he's a cutie.

Anna and Bailey playing with their Christmas bath toys my mom gave them. They are the cutest! Cousins only 5 weeks apart!

Anderson and Elizabeth taking Brad for a ride! See how much he enjoyed it :)

We had Bailey's first birthday after Thanksgiving lunch. How sweet are the decorations her Aunt (my cousin), Brett made!

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