Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How Could I Forget?

I may have gotten myself an early Christmas present this year...my sewing machine.

Isn't he sweet to model the apron I made?! Literally the first and only thing I've sewn. I got cheap, ugly, pre-package fabric, but I am just practicing and TEACHING MYSELF. What a mess, but fun! I am almost ready for the new year so I can have a little down time to really dive in!

Can't wait to use these fabrics...next stop...wine bag! (or scarf...not sure!) Ha

1 comment:

Jill said...

Kaitlin! I'm so proud of you young lady! I've been debating for quite sometime if I want to learn or not... How fun to make things for your home and your future babies! keep me updated on how the "learning part" of it goes... it seems like it would be torturous but maybe not. Your apron looks super cute though!!

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