Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hello, Santa?

Hello, Santa if you are listening.... I only want two things this year. I hope you are listening.
First, the Canon Rebel XS. It is a great starter camera so I've heard and read. I want one super bad. My Santa has gotten many an email telling him about this super great camera :)
Whew, its a beauty.
Next, I would like.............
a sewing machine. Any kind will probably do. Most likely the simplest kind. I cannot all...not a button or a hem. The only thing I've ever made is a pair of pajama pants and a pillow in Home-Ec in 6th grade. Terrible. But this is truly my goal for 2011....

Because I have an make children's clothing. (Picture below is the CUTEST child ever, Hazel, and the outfit her MOM, Elise, made for her)!

My other inspirations is this blog: I would love to post pics, but I cannot choose just one. You must go look at this woman's blog. My friend knows her and I am just in complete AWE.
Seriously, it does not get ANY CUTER.
So that's all I want, Santa...PRETTY PLEASE?!

1 comment:

EB said...

I just want cute Hazel!

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