Monday, May 2, 2011


I am happy.

I am proud.

I am wearing red, white and blue today. Yes I am. Really.

Regardless if you are a democrat, republican (me), libertarian (hubs), something else, or nothing else...we should be thankful today. Do I think justice was served? I don't know...I mean how does the death of one man serve justice for the death of over 3,000 Americans? It doesn't. Not to their families. I guess the justice is the fact that he was the face of the evil--which sadly, does not mean the evil is gone.

But I am glad Bin Laden is dead. I am.

I have no desire to hear people say that they cannot celebrate the death of a man no matter what he did. If that makes me a bad person, I am sorry you feel that way. Reality check....under his ruling, TOO many people from all nations were brutally murdered. Why? Who will ever be able to give a good answer to that?

I am worried and fearful about what will happen now. I pray for the soldiers safety. I thank them for their hard work and sacrifice that they make daily. I hope that all the victims' families find some sort of comfort today.

I love and respect my brother in law and all of the men and women in the military. Thank you. Everyday.


Jessica said...

I just saw your comment over on Raven's blogpost and had to come check out your post.
I completely agree with you. I'm so glad he's dead and I'm celebrating because it is a huge accomplishment for those men and women serving our country. I keep thinking about how scary/amazing it would have been to actually take him down!!
I'm also nervous about the repercussions that may come from this and who will want to seek revenge for this. Definitely continuing to pray for soldiers, and this country!

Cara S. said... too, coming here from Raven's blog as well Agree with both you wonderful ladies. True heros we have in the military to continue to fight FOR US and for OUR country!!

Raven said...

yes love this! And as you already know, I totally agree with it all :)

Proud as a Peacock said...

this post is one of the many reasons that I love you and so happy you are my friend!

Tatiana said...

Amen! My husband was just telling me yesterday how so many people were saying on FB that we shouldn't be happy about the death of another man, and he just couldn't understand it either. Would you still want Hitler to be among us today? No? Ok then. Same thing goes for this low life loser.

Hilary Anna said...

Agreed. I love moments like this that bring our country together. The man was terrible, he even killed his own people. It was horrible, and it needed to end.

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