Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I just want to know who made up the mean rumor that you get a burst of energy in your second trimester.

Sure, I am slightly less tired than the first.

But let's be serious. I am Exhaused. (note captial "E").

Maybe I need to start eating healthier? (ala veggies?--ew)

Or working out?...nah...

Or maybe its because I miss my coffee.

Gah, I am so jealous of people who drink coffee.

On a more positive note,

in less than two weeks we go to the doctor again

and two weeks after that we find out what the little nugget/egg/munckin/peanut (insert your nickname here) is!



I would really like to call this little sucker a real name or at least "baby girl or baby boy" which I find myself interchanging those anyways.

ps. I don't know why blogger likes to make all my posts' spacing really weird. Sorry about that annoyance!


Jill said...

No no no... I cannot wait!!!!!!

I'm sorry you're so tired love... you can drink at least one cup a day right? Maybe if you just walked around the block a couple of times it might give you a little boost! {I know, that's easy to say when you're not preggo and Exhausted}.

You and your little "pea in the pod" are in my prayers! (like my nickname?) ha!

Heather said...

Haha! I love the nicknames!

Mateya said...

New follower! Congrats on your pregnancy! :)

Raven said...

blogger and their spacing issues suck. My sister is 20 weeks pregnant with twins and she just found out she is having GIRLS~!!! Eeek I am so excited! Do you have preference? names????

Amanda said...

How exciting! I just found your blog and am a new follower :)

Anonymous said...

Be careful. Couponing can lead to extreme couponing, its a slippery slope.

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