Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Advice please, if you know what you are doing.

Okay people, help me out!

With the baby coming...yes, the baby (I cannot believe I am saying this), I really want to learn how to coupon. BAD.

I went to the store with my friend who coupons and watched her shop. Y'all. It. is. confusing. There is all this crazy lingo and math. Yuck!

But I still really want to do it.

I have been reading a dozen websites that people have referred me to and printing off coupons.

I really need to buy the Sunday paper.

Apparently that is key.

I am going to learn. I will learn.

I don't want to be a crazy coupon lady or anywhere near that TLC show (omg have you seen it??? My hubs and I sat with our mouths wide open in shock watching last night).

I just want to save a little cash--that would be legit.

So if you have any tips, PLEASE HELP A SISTA OUT!


Joelle said...

My mom is a crazy couponer, to the point where I needed to figure out things for myself rather than just using all of her techniques. She's one of those people that will go to a thousand different stores just to save the most money, when in reality she's probably spending more on gas than she's saving.

But it's really up to you...

Definitely get a newspaper. I only use the Sunday paper and coupons that come in the grocery store ads. I think my biggest piece of advice is just to go through the ads before you shop and make a list of all the items that are on sale and you have a coupon for. And find out if the store doubles their coupons.

Good luck!


Sarah Smith said...

i am obsessed with blogs. how did i not know your cute blog existed! congrats on the little babY and girl....get it with the coupons - some churches offer coupon classes. you should find one and crash the class if your church doesn't.

Elizabeth said...

I do basic couponing... I normally save $50-$80 a week! It adds up and really does help. I base my weekly menu's off what is in the sale ad. So, if porkchops and chicken are on sale, I make dishes with porkchops and chicken!

I always have really good luck at Publix with their buy one get one! Our rule is to not buy anything we wouldn't buy just because we have a coupon. I use southernsavers.com the most. We also get Sunday/Wednesday paper.

Another fun thing I heard of someone doing to save money is to start buying diapers and wipes as soon as she found out she was pregnant. She would buy a box of diapers/wipes every pay check or when the brand she wanted to use was on sale. That was one less expense when they baby came along!

Julie Carter said...

hahaha me and the whole family minus jill watched it, and about died last night! its awful! Did you see the how you freaking has a food pantry in her house and then her daughter in law shops from her?!?!?! holy smokes!!!! somehow i can sorta seeing that being you one day!! buahahahhahahaha B'ham girl gone psycho couponing!! hahahahahaha GOOD LUCK WOMAN!!

Mrs. Mama said...

haha! i actually have a post scheduled for 3 today!! so be on the lookout! email me if you have any additional questions... i have little tricks too :)

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